How to Draw Scarlet Defender Fortnite

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Scarlet Defender is one of popular skins in Fortnite. The skin comes with an adorable female visual that makes anyone fall in love with it. So, it does not wonder if every Fortnite player really desires to have this skin.

Well, because the Scarlet Defender is so rare to have, it makes people draw the Scarlet Defender for their collection. Certainly, it is a kind of players’ breakthrough when they definitely have no chance to get this skin yet.

How to Draw Scarlet Defender Fortnite?

To draw the Scarlet Defender skin, you surely must have at least a clear guide to lead you drawing it easily. Well, in this chance, we have a tutorial video that will guide you to draw this skin.

A video from Cartoon Art channel entitled How to draw the Scarlet Defender from Fortnite | Step by step Fortnite skin drawings will give you step by step in drawing this skin. This tutorial video can be watched here.

So, here are step by step of drawing the Scarlet Defender skin based on the video:

Step 1: Prepare a Drawing Editor

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare at least one drawing editor either online or offline.

The video uses Adobe Animate as the drawing editor. Adobe Animate or formerly known as Adobe Flash is multimedia which is useful for creating animations from Adobe Systems. This editor can be used to design vector graphics and animation for television programs, online videos, websites, web applications, rich internet applications, and video games.

Well, you can also use this editor to ease you drawing the Scarlet Defender skin.

Step 2: Prepare Scarlet Defender Picture

After you choose a drawing editor, make sure that you already have a Scarlet Defender skin image stored on your library. Ensure that you choose the best one visual of Scarlet Defender skin.

Step 3: Open a Drawing Editor You Choose

It is time for you to open a drawing editor you already choose. Because the guide chooses  Adobe Animate as a drawing editor, of course, in this step, we will also open Adobe Animate editor.

Step 4: Start to Drawing

Open a Scarlet Defender image from your library on Adobe Animate editor. Then, you can get a pen to draw the image. Then, you can start to draw the Scarlet Defender skin.

Adobe Animate will ease you to draw anything because it shows a line of the image clearly. So, you can follow the line of the image and draw it easily. Make sure to follow the image line until there’s nothing left.

Step 5: Paint the Image

After you draw the Scarlet Defender skin completely, you also can paint it based on the color the skin has. You can paint the skin by choosing the certain colors available on the editor.

Finally, you already have done your job of drawing the Scarlet Defender skin.

How about you? Are you interested in drawing the Scarlet Defender skin too? So, you can do it now by watching the tutorial video to ease you drawing the skin.

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