How to Edit Faster on Fortnite

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For those who want to edit faster on Fortnite, please try to focus more on perfecting your simple edits and do not try and master stuff like editing through a floor and a pyramid right after each other because you are going to get stuck in between them.

Before anything, make sure you can move the device that you are playing for a night on closer to your Wi-Fi router. Aside from that, you also need to purchase an Ethernet cable if you do not already have one and plug it directly from your router to your console or PC, depending on where you live this will really help lower your ping.

  1. Edit ramps a lot quicker

When editing or rotating ramps, a lot people go from the front panels all the way to the back panels. But what most people do not know is you only have to go from the front panels to the side panels. If you start rotating your ramps using this method, you will become a lot faster. This technique is so fast. You will be able to turn the ramp completely around while still moving.

Here is a quick warm up you can do to practice your side panel ramp edits. Place one ramp in front of you and one ramp behind you. Rotate the one that is behind you in the opposite direction and there you go with the course. You can definitely practice the ramp edits until you feel comfortable and until you get used to them. Some people have probably been in a situation where you have re-taken an opponent’s wall killed them and then edit in to go get their loot without realizing that you cannot reset the wall and leave yourself exposed to enemy snipers or people to just hitmaker.

  1. Rest the wall from the position

Most people think the only way to do this is to go outside by clicking reset, walking back in and then clicking confirm. However, there is an easier way to do it. All you want to do is to pull out the build menu by clicking your button that creates the new wall. Then, just click G to reset. It is more efficient and can potentially save you from getting killed. This is also useful if you know there is an opponent behind you and you want to cover up the wall behind your back. You can hold reset, run through, and then confirm just as you get out.

  1. Stop panic editing during intense and game situations or just in general

When you have to rotate in circles right on your back, you tend to get yourself stuck on walls. A lot fail edits and sometimes accidentally make doors. This is because you are trying to cover yourself from the enemy’s shooting at you in front as well as make it to the surface. When you get yourself caught and pressed up, you do not really know how to edit quickly on these close up walls.

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