How to Enter Codes in Fortnite Creative Mode

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Support creator program allows the Creators to obtain money from Fortnite and the games in Epic games store. In Fortnite accepted Creators are going to receive $5 USD for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by the players who select to support them in-game. This applies to free V-Bucks which the players have earned as well as any V-Bucks they have already purchased.

You will be able to declare your support for a Creator in-game by submitting the Creator’s Epic tag through the Support a Creator button that you can find in the Item Shop in Battle Royale. Or you are able to find it in the Loot tab in Fortnite: Save the World. By the way, how to enter a Fortnite Creative code? To find out that information, you have to read this article until end as here we are going to explain it.

You have to remember that for games on the Epic Games store, accepted Creators are able to share referral Links on their content channels or promote their Creator tag to their supporters for getting credit for sales of games on the Epic Games store. The supporters follow Creator links, or enter Creator Tags during checkout on the Epic Games store. For your information, each game has a different revenue share. It set by the Developer, but with a minimum rate of 5%.

For Fortnite, the players are able to select to support a different Creator at any time (maximum of 14 days). When selected, the support for a Creator is going to last for 14 days unless another Creator is picked. After 14 days of continuous support for a Creator, the Creator is going to be reset and the players are able to re-select the same Creator or select a new one.


  • The first thing that you have to do is to entering the creative or playground game mode in Fortnite.
  • After that, you are able to hit Play.
  • Then you have to walk up to any of the featured rifts, but you do not walk into them
  • In this step, you have to select the rift and a box will pop-up asking you to enter the 12-digit code.


You may want to know who is eligible to participate in Epic’s Support-A-Creator program. Here are some criteria:

  • The creators who have 1,000+ followers on their major social platform.
  • They who complete the Affiliate Agreement and obey the Creator Code of Conduct.
  • They who capable of receiving payment in a form which Epic supports.

They are looking at all regions, languages, audience sizes and types of content. They are looking for the Creators that focus on the quality of the moments they make and share.


This program is not available to residents in North Korea, China, Iran, or any other country disallowed by United Stated law or as otherwise prohibited by the Affiliate Agreement or Fortnite EULA. Epic Games is going to reject applications from the Creators who engage in discriminatory, illegal, toxic, pornographic, or fraudulent behavior, or who promote spam, harassment and gambling.

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