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Mongraal is the online name of the Kyle Jackson, a British eSports teen who mainly okays the game called Fortnite. He was born on August 13, 2004 (age 15). The boy is known for his plays and aggressiveness in the game. a lot of people look him up due to him playing very well at a young age. At the age of 13, he had found success and was featured in BBC News. In the past, Kyle was a player for Team Secret (joined in April 2018), but the player decided to leave the clan on July 7, 2019 to join FaZe Clan.

Ever since the release of the Fortnite’s Creative, a lot of content creators on Youtube made maps for the community to use for practice or challenges. Kyle Jackson or Mongraal created his own building or editing course. Aside from that, the server also used for a $ 500 giveaway to the person who are able to finish the edit course of Mongraal the fastest. Currently, the one who has finished the edit course of Mongraal the fastest is Pxlarized with the time of 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

How to enter Mongraal edit course? If you want to enter the Mongraal edit course, the first thing that you have to do is to start a Creative Server. After that, find the featured Island Rift. Finally, open Set Island Code and enter the code of the code of the edit course of Mongraal.

There are some codes of Mongraal edit course that you can choose. The first one is 2164-0150-813. This one is the code of Mongraal’s Edit Course – Hard Version that was created by RAIDER464. The second one is 2315-2931-1433. This one is the Mongraal Edit Course Respawn Pad Version 10. The creator of the code is ODORITORA.

Feel free to use any code if you want to practice or to challenge the edit course of Mongraal. Please keep in mind that when you get into this course it will not let you edit at first because you need to start the game. If you click on escape or whatever, your button is to open up that menu you are on a click.

Mongraal is indeed one of the most successful players but he cannot be separated with controversy. When there was an event called Summer Skirmish, the name of the Weekly tournament hosted by Fortnite themselves that comes in on multiple days, Kyle Jackson was not allowed to join due to him being too young. At the time, he did mention that he is one of the top players when it came to the other tournaments. Aside from that, the player also mentioned that he cannot control his age and is not fair as he is the youngest competitive player in the whole world. some people thought that what Kyle said was too much and he should just have followed the rules that was set by Fortnite, the host of the tournament known as Summer Skirmish.

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