How to Find All V-buck Missions Easily

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In fact, every Fortnite player either veteran or newcomer really desire to have much v-bucks easily. As we know that v-buck is money that can be a main currency of Fortnite. By having much v-bucks, definitely you will be able to buy anything at Item Shop or GameShop. It can be an advantage for Fortnite player to get lots of items on Fortnite.

Certainly, to get much v-bucks, you have to do some rules that Fortnite suggests. In this case, Epic Games has released the cross-progression over for you to get much v-bucks by doing some ways. To get v-bucks, definitely you must do some ways either common way or in missions. As we have known that Epic Games allowed the Fortnite players to do some missions to get v-bucks.

The Fortnite missions are divided into some sections. Those are Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks. Every section has different goals and rules to finish. By completing some missions, of course, you will get a chance to earn v-bucks.

Of course, who does want to get v-bucks? We really guess that everyone on Fortnite really want to get v-bucks as easy as possible. Then, Epic Games provides some gorgeous mission to earn v-bucks easily. It indeed helps the Fortnite player to get a chance in earning the v-bucks with handy and simple ways.

On Fortnite mission, you will get bonus rewards such as materials, heroes, schematics, experience, survivors, defenders, transform keys or v-bucks and perk resources. Definitely, the ways to find all v-bucks by doing some missions are really simple to do.

In this case, you just have to unlock the new areas. Then, you should complete the mission by starting on that area. You need to begin the game from Stonewood, then, you have to complete the quest-line of 34 quests to unlock a new area, Plankerton.

After unlock the Plankerton, you will get the access to the Canny Valley. Then, the final are that you have to unlock is Twine Peaks. Of course, you do not underestimate those area because the next area is harder than the last one. Furthermore, in new mission area, you will unlock the different types of missions, materials and daily quests as you progress.

In addition, if you want to get v-bucks by another way, certainly there are some ways that you can do to earn additional v-bucks. Here are the ways:

  • Play Fortnite Every Day

The good news that you can get v-bucks easily is by logging into Save the World mode in each day. If you log in to the Epic Games, definitely you will get a reward. It can be called as daily rewards to get v-bucks.

  • Complete the daily quest

This is similar to the Daily Challenges that you can find in Battle Royale mode. After you complete this daily quest, automatically, you will get a minimum of 50 v-bucks.

  • Complete the Challenge and Side Quests

If you really want to get v-bucks, certainly, by completing the Challenge and side quest can be an alternative way for you.

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