How to Find Baby Groot in Fortnite Nursery – How to Unlock Baby Groot in Fortnite (Location)

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Finding Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy in Fortnite Season 4 has started!!!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is now here. Of course, this season will become the most interesting season in Fortnite due to any awesome challenges offered. Well, it does not wonder if every Fortnite player will be excited to follow every challenge in this season.

So, what is one special challenge that you can complete in Fortnite Season 4?

Certainly, you will be amazed by any challenges that you can find in this season. Indeed, there is one secret challenge which ties into the season’s overarching Marvel Theme. Of course, if you are a Marvel lover, we guess that you will be more interested to follow this challenge.

The secret challenge that you can find in Fortnite Season 4 is to find the hidden Baby Groot. In Marvel comics, Baby Groot is a fictional character. But, in Fortnite Baby Groot is one form of the super tree which is hidden somewhere on the Fortnite map. So, that’s why we mention it with a secret challenge. Then, if you can find the Baby Groot, you will obtain a special back bling.

Where is Baby Groot?

Baby Groot is hidden in the nursery at Holly Hedges. The Holly Hedges is a named location which is not hard to find. Well, to find the Holly Hedges, you just have to dive into the location. Then, head to the southwest corner area where a fence of hedges surrounds a little outdoor shopping area.

Known, Baby Groot will be surrounded by three potted plants. So, it is simply to walk up to them and pick him up. Well, as many players’s report, the Baby Groot is not spawning every match. So, players who want to find Baby Groot should prepare to try this for several minutes later. But, for this issue, Epic Game will fix the bugs soon.

What will you get after finding Baby Groot?

Of course, the Fortnite challenge will not ignore you without any rewards within. So as with Baby Groot’s challenge, after you completed this challenge, you will have a chance to get Sapling Baby Groot Back Bling. You can get it if you successfully find and collect Baby Groot. However, it is a flashback to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie in which Groot sacrifices himself to save his friends.

Evidently, he does not die, but he already transforms himself to be a little baby tree in Fortnite. That’s so amazing, isn’t it?

In order to find Baby Groot easily, please follow the ways below!

  • Firstly, load to the Fortnite.
  • Then, jump from Battle Bus.
  • Land at Holly Hedges location using your glider.
  • After that, visit the Southwest corner of the settlement.
  • Locate the Garden Center which has a huge caged fence around it. There are plants in the backyard.
  • Look for the plants and under one of them will be Baby Groot.
  • Finally, you are ready to rescue them.

It’s a very interesting challenge, isn’t it? Complete it soon!!!

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