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In order to obtain the Predator Skin, you surely have to complete a series of Jungle Hunter/ Mystery challenges. However, the challenges are a part of Season 5 Battle Pass. Then, one of the Jungle Hunter challenges that you should complete is “Finding Mysterious Pod”.

Just like most Fortnite challenges either daily or weekly, to find the item, you have to visit certain locations where the item is located. Additionally, Pod here is the Predator’s spaceship which is stranded in a certain spot in Fortnite island.

You may want to complete this challenge but you don’t know how to find the mysterious pod. No worry! This post will guide you to find the mysterious Pod to complete the Jungle Hunter quest.

Where to Find the Mysterious Pod?

To find the mysterious Pod, make sure that you are at the right place to land. By knowing the right place to land on the map, we think that it’s such a key to lead you tracking the Mysterious Pod as easy as possible. Then, if you already have a key to track where the Mysterious Pod is located, it will be easier to find it in the right location.

Therefore, you will need the clues of the location where the Mysterious Pod can be found. Let’s see the guide below!

To note, Predator has crash landed on the Fortnite island in a rarely touched spot named Stealthy Stronghold. However, this location is slightly hard to find the Mysterious Pod, considering the Stealthy Stronghold is a spot with a bunch of trees and other objects covering it.

Stealthy Stronghold

As a clue, the Mysterious Pod can be found on the north-west side of Stealthy Stronghold near a tree. More precisely, the Mysterious Pod is located next to the tree. From its clue, what you focus is to find the tree around the Stealthy Stronghold. Once you find it, the only thing that you should do is to get close enough to the Fortnite Mysterious Pod. Then, you will then unlock the Predator Fortnite banner.

finding the Mysterious Pod

Congratulations! You successfully complete the Jungle Hunter quest of finding the Mysterious Pod.

More About Mystery Jungle Hunter Quest

The Jungle Hunter quest in Fortnite Season 5 is offered on January 13, 2020. This Jungle Hunter quest comes with the arrival of the Fortnite 15.20 patch notes updates. The new update here lets the players expect a whole new slew of quests, new weapons and new skins.

Well, in this new Fortnite patch, the Predator is likely joining the ongoing hunt which has been the theme of the Fortnite Season 5. The Predator here is represented as a mandible-faced killer who hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger. Having a probe, this is actually going to be a new skin for the player which will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

The rumor of the Predator outfit’s arrival has been mentioned by Epic Games in an email. They said that the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass will come with three Predator cosmetics which were leaked during downtime. Today, the first tree mystery jungle hunter quests are completely available. It means the players should be ready to take this quest and get the reward as much as possible.

You may be wondering what quests must be completed as the Jungle Hunter quest. To convince you that you’re really able to complete this quest, here’s a list of the Jungle Hunter quest that you should complete:

  • Find the Mysterious Pod
  • Talk with Beed Boss, Remedy and Dummy
  • Collect Medkits
  • Collect Legendary Weapons or rarer

To complete those quests, you actually have until the end of the season. Of course, once you have completed this challenge, there will be more challenges which will be available next week. For more information, the rest of the Mystery Jungle Hunter challenges will unlock next week with a total of six challenges. So, just wait for it and see if that’s definitely the case.

Here’s for all the Jungle Hunter challenges in detail:

  • Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy

Need to know, the Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy are the NPC added to the game at the beginning of Fortnite Season 5. Well, to talk with them, of course you should first know where to find them. For the clue, they will appear within the area Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs.

Beef Boss will spawn at the Durr Burger truck to the east of Stealthy Stronghold. Then,  Dummy will appear at a pickup truck which is situated just south of Beef Boss’s location. While, Remedy can be located in the brick house to the east of those two locations.

To note, they will not spawn on those locations in absolutely every match. So you do not need to be concerned if they cannot find them upon their first visit. Instead, you will find them in the next match.

  • Collect Medkits

The next challenge that you need to complete is to collect Medkits. They naturally spawn in chests and as floor loot. It’s better for you to knock the challenge out as quickly as possible. If you successfully complete this challenge, you will earn the Heat Vision Hunter Spray. In collecting the Medkits, you do not need to have all three at once. Just pick three of them, you absolutely complete this challenge.

  • Collect Legendary Weapons or Rarer

The last quest is pretty easy to complete. All things that you have to do is to collect one Legendary weapon. As you know, the Legendary weapon here comes in orange color. We think this weapon is really hard to find. But, you should be sure that you will get it to the top 10 of a match. You will find the Legendary Weapon or Rarer by looking for the chests.

Rewards of the Mystery Jungle Hunter Quest

If you successfully completed the Jungle Hunter quests, the rewards that will be granted to you as follow:

  • Banner Icon
  • Plasma Caster Reticle
  • Heat Vision Hunter

Aside from the rewards above, the Jungle Hunter quest will also unlock the Predator’s outfit.

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