How to Find Your Fortnite Stats on Mobile

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The easiest way to find your Fortnite states on mobile is to navigate to a Tracker Network on a web browser and look for a player based on their Epic Games name. You are able to see your stats within a beta environment from Epic Games, the same people who made Fortnite. This page teaches you how to find your Fortnite stats on mobile.

The first thing that you have to do to find your Fortnite stats on mobile is to open a web browser. You are able to either access a web browser from a computer or on your mobile phone. The most popular ones are Firefox and Chrome. Then, navigate to The next thing that you have to do is to type in the name of the player in the provided text field. After that, hit Enter button. You will be now allowed to see a collection of stats on the player that you entered.

The site named Fortnite Tracker offers a wide range of customisable options for tracking your in-game stats, and there is also the option to pay up for premium features for those who want to analyze your performance. However, the real selling point is the TRN rating of the site, the unofficial system developed by the site to rank the players on each mode that they play (solo, duo, squads, and so on). The thing looks at your last game or games, and based on if you won, placed, or lost, and how many kills you got, your score is adjusted. All the players start at 1200, with the top Fortnite players in the world having scores of 5000 or more. It is also worth nothing that Tracker Network, the name of the company behind, also run a number of sites dedicated to breaking down the stats of the players in the other games such as Destiny, PUBG, and The Division.

Aside from Fortnite Tracker, you can also try Fortnite Scout. It claims to provide the most advanced Fortnite tracking going, but while that is debatable, there is a way in which the site rises above the others. This one allows users to visualize their stats in eye-catching graphs and charts, which you are able to then use to either analyze your performances more accurately, or simply show off your domination to friends.

The second alternative is called Storm Shield. It is more for those who play the Save the World mode of the game, as the stats Storm Shield offer Battle Royale are not quite as in-depth as some of their competitors. However, when it comes to the less popular mode of the game, it comes into its own. The site does not just give you information on your in-game performances in great detail, it is also able to give you vital information on everything from the new missions (telling you what they entail, how long you have left to do them, and so on) to storms.

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