How to Fix Fortnite Not Launching on PC

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Fortnite is really fun but it is not perfect. For those who ever run into the Fortnite not launching issue, do not worry. The issue is often not hard to fix at all. This page will inform you four solutions that have helped the other players resolve the Fortnite not launching problem on PC. You may not have o try them all, you can just work way down the list until you find the one that works for you.

The first one is updating your device drivers. This method should always be your go to option when something goes wrong with your computer or system. Whether you decide to update the device drivers manually, using Windows Update, or you use the trusted third party, it is important that you have the latest correct device drivers for your operating system at all times.

The good news is that there is a thing called Driver Easy for those who do not have the time, patience or skills to update the drivers manually. Driver Easy is the thing that will automatically recognize your system and find the right drivers for it. You do not have to know exactly what system your computer is running, you do not have to be troubled by the wrong driver you would be downloading, and you do not have to worry about making a mistake when installing the tool.

The second one is verifying your Fortnite files. Sometimes, Fortnite will not launch because there are broken or missing files on your system. So the thing that should be done is to verify the game files in order to make sure any corrupt files fixed and missing files installed to see if it fixes the Fortnite launching issue. First of all, open the Epic Games Launcher, click Library. Then, press the cog icon in Fortnite. Next, click Verify. When the verification is ready, the Settings option will change to Launch. Please click it to see if Fortnite open smoothly.

The third one is repairing EasyAntiCheat. First, press the Windows logo key and E at the same time to open File Explorer. Second, type easyaticheat_setup in the search box and wait while Windows works on searching the results. After that, double click on EasyAntiCheat_Setup as soon as it shows up as a result. Third, click Yes once asked to confirm. Fourth, choose Fortnite from the drop down menu and click Repair Service. fifth, click Finish once the uninstall and install process finish. Sixth, re-launch Fortnite and hopefully the Fortnite not launching issue has been solved.

The fourth one is installing the latest patch. Epic Games keeps releasing patches to help fix game bugs and improve overall gaming experience. In this case, it is better for you to install the latest patch and then restart your computer to see if it fixes the Fortnite not launching issue.

If all the four solutions explained above fail, then you might want to contact Epic Games Help Center for assistance in further troubleshooting.

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