How to Get a Support Creator Code

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The Support Creator program of Epic Games enables creators to earn money from Fortnite and games in the Epic Games store. In Fortnite, accepted creator will be able to get $5 USD or the local currency equivalent for every 10,000 V Bucks spend by players who elect to support them in game.

This thing applies to free V Bucks that players have earned as well as any V Bucks they have purchased. Basically, the fans declare the support for the creator in game by entering the Creator’s Epic tag through the Support a Creator button that is able to be found in the Item Shop either in Battle Royale, or the Loot tab in Save the World.

For every gamer on the Epic Games store accepted creator are able to share the referral links on the content channels or promote the creator tag to their supporters to get credit for sales of games on the Epic Game store. Then, the supporters follow the creator links or enter creator tags during checkout on the Epic Games store. Apparently, every game has a different revenue share for attributed sales set by the developer but with a minimum rate of 5%.

For Fortnite, players are able to choose to support a different creator at any time with maximum of 14 days. Once chosen, the support for creator will last for 14 days with the exception another creator is chosen, after 14 days of continuous support for a creator, the creator will be reset and players are allowed to re-select the same creator or pick the new one.

If you want to support a creator, you need to know the code of the creator. How to get the support creator code? You are able to get the list of the support creator code on the official website of Epic Games. There, everyone is able to easily search for their favorite content creator like various streamers or notable names in the community who provide content for fans and find the specific creator’s code. By using the code in game, the portion of the sales will also head toward the content creator at no extra cost to the fan. Here are some of the popular people and their creator codes:

  •  Tfue – Tfue
  • Cloak: fazecloak
  • NICKMERCCS: nickmercs
  • Ninja: Ninja
  • dakotaz: DAKOTAZ
  •  Daequan: tsm_daequan
  •  Myth: Myth
  • HighDistortion: HighDistortion
  • SypherPK: SypherPK
  •  Cizzorz: Cizz
  •  Chap: Chap
  • Nate Hill: Nate
  • 72hrs: 72hrs
  • Symfuhny: SYMFUHNY
  • Poach: poach

In order to enter the creator code, players have to open up the Item Shop in Fortnite. The option saying Support a Creator should be seen and then input the code there. If you successfully using the creator code in the Item Shop, you will unlock the Cuddle Hearths Wrap for free in Fortnite. For your information, the promotion is available until February 22 so do not miss the chance to get the Cuddle Hearths Warp by supporting your favorite creator.

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