How to Get Account Level Up Fortnite

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For those who want to level up your Fortnite account, all that you need to do is to earn XP. The main way to get XP is from playing matches, with more being rewarded based on the performance in matches.

Once again, your performance indicates the amount of XP you will earn. Fornite XP sourxes include first kill (50 XP), additional kills (20 XP, capped at 100 XP, so only six kills total reward XP), survival (17 XP each minute after the first circle shows up, capped at 14 minutes or 238 XP), top 20 placement (25 XP), top 10 placement (100 XP), and Victory Royale or 1st place (300 XP).

There is certain challenges to complete along with medals that are a useful boost when you are not focused on certain challenges. If you want to earn extra XP and level up fast, here are all the things that you have to do:

  1. Complete the daily challenges

Each day, you are given a new challenge, and you are able to have up to a maximum of three at any one time. All of them are able to range from getting catching items while fishing to looking for chests in a certain location and many more, and completing each one rewards you with a certain amount of XP each time. Even if you are not able to complete the challenge that day, please make sure you at least log on to collect it or check out which ones you have been dealt that day.

Remember that you are also able to re-roll one challenge each day if you are not fond of what it is offering. You can just roll it if you need to place top 50 in solo three times but you only play with your friends. And if there is a great chance you will be granted an objective that is more suitable to yoru style of play.

  1. Mark those challenges and earn rewards with the Battle Pass

Apparently, there is a new missions each week and you will gain 52,000 XP per challenge, meaning you are able to earn 572,000 XP each week that will have you flying through the battle pass in no time at all.

  1. Play with your friends and use Party Assist to help complete challenges quicker

There is a certain challenge you are really struggling to complete. It is to enlist the help of some friends. A function called the Party Assist means you are able to get your friends to help you out with a specific challenge, so when they complete it, you will also get it done.

  1. Earn medals for smaller XP boosts

Medals are known as small gameplay achievements you are able to earn while playing. There is a plethora of tasks you are able to complete to begin decking out your punchcard, from surviving longer in the match to gaining the kills and looking for the chests.

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