How to Get Aimbot on Fortnite PS4

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If you check out the Fortnite forums or talk to some people they swear up you cannot cheat in Fortnite, it is not true. In fact, there is an Aimbot for Fortnite. For your information, an aimbot is a tool used in first-person shooting games.

Aimbot make the player to shoot opponents without having to aim their weapon. We are able to say that it is considered cheating because it helps the player shoot more accurately with less skill. Apparently, there are lots of programs available to help detect or not allow the players to use aimbot. One commonly used program is PunkBuster.

If you played Fortnite long enough, you have noticed how you can be hiding somewhere nobody could ever see you, but suddenly they kill you. We think that they are using ESP in every Fortnite cheat to locate where you are. All cheats come with “CHAMS” or “ESP” which displays the location of every player in the game at all times. It is why the cheater can know your location.


Once a player use the Fortnite Aimbot, they are able to press the aimbot key (usually the aim button on the mouse or controller) and the weapon they use locks onto you. When the players use the Xim Apex on a console system the device makes the controller work as an aimbot along with the games aim feature. It does not matter if you jump, swim, run, duck, or fly, the aimbot is going to always stick to you because of numerical code in the hack itself. Until now, lots of people who use the Fortnite Aimbot which is have the advantage in the game. That is why some players have all those kills at the end of the round and kill you instantly with a shotgun.

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