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Cupid’s Crossbow recently has been unvaulted, giving you a great time to deal damage to opponents with it. However, the Crossbow finally comes back to Fortnite as a Legendary Quest in Week 11. This legendary quest requires you to deal damage to opponents with crossbows.

Unfortunately, the Crossbow is not ready to use, meaning you should find and use it in order to complete the legendary quest. Then, do you already know how to get Crossbow in Fortnite? If yet, thankfully, this post will guide you how to find Crossbow which is really needed for completing the Legendary Quest.

Where to Find Cupid’s Crossbow?

Epic Games finally added Cupid’s Crossbow to Fortnite along with the Valentine’s update 2.4.2. However, this is a great alternative weapon to a sniper rifle if you want to defeat your opponents silently. The Fortnite Crossbow damage is not totally a joke. It will hit pretty hard especially if you are able to manage a headshot.

The Cupid’s crossbow acts the same as the original Crossbow, except it has different sounds and texture. This weapon is only available in the Epic variant. However, to find the Cupid’s Crossbow in Fortnite is pretty easy to do. You probably will find this item for a short period of time.

Where to Find Cupid’s Crossbow

Finding a Cupid’s Crossbow is also a good idea to know how to use the crossbow as there are numerous timed challenges that rely on you dealing crossbow damage. However, the XP that you receive from this Legendary Challenge will help you to climb the Battle Pass and unlock new Season 5 skins.

To get Cupid’s Crossbow, there’s no dedicated spawn point for the Crossbow in Fortnite. Instead, you have to hunt it down just like a normal weapon. You might find the Cupid’s Crossbow in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 through chests or as floor loot. You may think that it’s not hard to find Cupid’s Crossbow.

However, there are some things that you should recognize in getting the Cupid’s Crossbow in Fortnite. Here they are:

  • First, the Cupid’s Crossbow comes in Epic weapon rarity. It means that it will be easier to indicate it through the color, emitting a purple glow. Well, it will stand out easily in the Fortnite landscape. You probably can spot one as you glide down from the bus.
  • Second, the Crossbow is more likely to spawn with named locations especially the one which tends to hold a higher quantity of loot such as Colossal Coliseum. You may know the named locations in Fortnite, so land at one of those locations and have a quick scout around. If you’re lucky, you will find a Cupid’s Crossbow early on in the match.
  • Third, the last thing that you should notice when you decide to find the Cupid’s Crossbow is to take consideration to kill a player who has one in their inventory.

We think that those things above can be a reference for you in a way of finding the Cupid’s Crossbow.

Unlike the new Exotic weapon which really needs to hunt down specific NPCs or going through any other lengthy process to get one or also spending a lot of Gold Bars, finding the Epic weapon is easy to do by searching for chests or supply drops until you find the one.

How Does the Cupid’s Crossbow Work?

How Does the Cupid’s Crossbow Work

The Cupid’s Crossbow requires the players to deal a total of 5,000 damage with the Crossbow. This weapon can be found all across the map which are very common, though being Epic weapon rarity. The Crossbow weapon will give 68 body damage and 136 headshot damage.

Then, the damage also continues to count if damage is done to a downed player. It means each player can be worth up to 272 damage. Surprisingly, Epic decided to decrease the damage rate but increase the fire rate slightly.

After the v15.30 update, the Cupid’s Crossbow really dealt 79 damage with a fire rate of 0.6. Today, the Crossbow will give dealing 68 damage with a fire rate of 0.9. Whatever the reason for Epic, it also decided to decrease the headshot multiplier from 2.5 to 2.0. It may be a tough challenge to complete as the fire rate and have to go searching for a crossbow each game.

How to Use Cupid’s Crossbow?

Need to know, the Cupid’s Crossbow will work in a similar manner to one-bullet-at-a-time sniper rifles in Fortnite. It means that you will need to reload after taking a shot which makes the crossbow a rather slow weapon to use.

However, the benefit that you will get from Cupid’s Crossbow is that this weapon has unlimited ammunition. So, if it is your favored kind of weapon, of course you have to try and obtain a crossbow as early as possible into the match.

The Cupid’s Crossbow absolutely can deal damage between 50 to 70 damage depending on your aim. This weapon even has a sniper rifle styled scope to assist you get far away foes.

You may already know that Crossbow is not a type of Fortnite weapon which can be used by anyone. However, it requires you to practice a lot and get used to the steep curve of the flying arrow. Here, we think that you will be able to headshot almost every other player.

The Crossbow should not be used at close range, only mid and long range. We think this kind of weapon is a gorgeous weapon to have if you are out of ammo on other weapons. It will save you in long shootouts.

Aside from the infinite ammo, the perfect benefit that you can get from the Crossbow is the silence. You are able to shoot anyone without getting noticed at all. So, make sure the best out of your bush or base cover to shoot each and every passerby.

You have to consider the arrow drop curve and test it out on different distances when shooting. Even though the scope is pretty good, it will not inform you the distance, meaning you need to practice a lot.

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