How to Get Dark Triceratops Fortnite

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Fortnite has released a lot of skins. Some of the look cool and awesome, but some others are unique. There are also skins which are simple. Have you seen Dark Tricera Ops skin? What do you think about this skin? If you are interested in this skin, you surely want to know how to get this skin.

Dark Tricera Ops is a Dark Series Fortnite skin and it is from the Dino Guard set. So, no wonder why this skin has Dino helmet on her head. Another thing that makes this skin impressive is it has purple colour in some parts of it. So, if you like purple color, this skin must be suitable for your Fortnite character.

This skin was released on November 7th, 2019. When this article was being created, the last seen of this skin was on February 21st, 2020. This skin is a female.

The Appearance of Dark Tricera Ops

As mentioned earlier, the Dark Tricera Ops is a female skin. Her clothes is black and grey and there are purple colours in some parts of it. In her head, there is a Dino helmet. Also, she has a pair of purple eyes. In her hands, she wears gloves. And in her back, she wears a Dark Hatchling back bling.

How to Get Dark Tricera Ops Skin

You may wonder how to be able to get this skin whether we have to complete certain challenge, reach certain level, or we just simply buy it in the Item Shop with V-Bucks. Well, if you want to have this skin, you are able to buy it in the Item Shop when it is listed. The price of this skin is 1,200 V-Bucks. When it is listed in the Item Shop, you are able to buy it if you like this skin.

Other items in the Dino Guard Set

Previously, we have stated that Dark Tricera Ops is the part of the Dino Guard Set. So, what other items of this set? There are 18 cosmetics that is broken into 6 skins, 2 gliders, 2 harvesting tools, 2 wraps, 5 back blings, and 2 loading screens. Here they are.

  • Skins in the Dino Guard Set

Tricera Ops


Dark Tricera Ops

Dark Rex


  • Gliders in the Dino Guard Set


Fossil Flyer

  • Harvesting Tools in the Dino Guard Set

Dark Dino Bones


  • Wraps in the Dino Guard Set



  • Back Blings in the Dino Guard Set



Dark Scaly

Dark Hatchling

Bronto Bag

  • Loading Screens in the Dino Guard Set

Tricera Ops


Since it is Dino Guard Set, so all of the items of this set has elements of Dinosaurus. For example, all of the skins of this set wear Dino helmet. All of these skins are in different colors but Dark Rex and Dark Tricera Ops has the same color which is grey, black and purple. So, from these skins, which one do you like?

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