How to Get Double Element Guns in Save the World

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In the Fortnite: Save the World, weapons are items which can be crafted by the player and it can be used by them to be able to kill monster. When you look for or craft a gun, you may want to know how to get double element guns, so here we are going to give you some information about it.

First, let’s find out about weapons in Save The World. In this game, weapons are color-coded based on their rarity and given a Power Level which is indicated by a lighting bolt icon. It also decides the amount of damage that can be done with this weapon. In missions, you are able to craft weapons from your inventory using schematics and it requires certain materials or they can be found in containers and loot chests which are scattered across the map. They are available in a lot of different forms, including laser, elemental, and normal weapons. All of them have certain perks and drawbacks to use them.

Now, how to get double element guns in Save the World? There are some videos that you are able to watch on Youtube about double elements gun and you are able to watch the videos to know about it. Here are one of the videos about it.

  • A video of Roman entitled How to Add Double Elements! To Your Schematics Glitch – Save The World How To Craft Modded Guns 2019 which was uploaded on July 14th, 2019.

The duration of video is about 2 minutes 39 seconds. In the video, you are able to see that this is for schematics. You are able to go ahead and craft the modern schematics. This is awesome since you can do this now.

To add double elements, you are able to go to your now. It works with any schematic but some schematics may not work correctly so just choose another one if it is not working for one of them. Try another schematic and it may work. In the video, it works for the bazooka and the he goes into this perk. As you are able to see that every weapon only has one element and we are going to go ahead and add two.

You can see in the video that it has fire element that is pretty cool. Then, you can go ahead and add that nature one on so we have to elements now on the bazooka. Now, you can go down to the bottom then you can see in the text that it does not have any perks. So, you are able to modify. You can add in the nature elements. You can press X and go to your Epic list and then you can press On to it.

The process will be a little bit complicated but you are able to watch the video completely to know how to add double elements to your guns. So, you are able to watch the video now and try to add double elements after that.

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