How to Get Fortbyte 18

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After learning about the map of Fortbytes location, it is your turn to try getting Fortbytes 18. Do you ever try to get them? Certainly, you do not waste your time to get started in collecting the Fortbytes. You have known and learned about the map location of Fortbytes, haven’t?

Every day in season 9, you are able to find one Fortbytes. By finding this, you can totally unlock and available to collect. Well, you will be amazed for the challenges and rewards in this season. As you have known that Fortbytes are located between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot, so, if you want to find the Fortbytes, automatically, you have to focus in this area.

In fact, some Fortbytes can allow the player to complete a specific skin, emote and also toy. But, it is not for Fortbyte 18. For this case, the players are able to hop right into a game without any preparation. Thus, Epic Game suggests the player to collect the Fortbytes in the Team Rumble LTM so that the player can avoid early deaths.

Certainly, you will need the guide in how to get the Fortbytes in this season. However, you have learned the location to find the Fortbytes, of course, the ways to find Fortbytes is really needed for you. The goal is to give you easier in finding it. Here are the ways on how to get Fortbyte 18:

  • Step 1: For the first step, you have to join a Battle Royale match.
  • Step 2: Then, you need to land at the Slipstream near the Mega Mall.
  • Step 3: After that, you walk into the wooden shack.
  • Step 4: Then, find the Fortbyte 18 on the floor.
  • Step 5: Finally, you can collect the Fortbyte 18 at all.

But, if you still have the difficulty in finding the Fortbyte, we recommend to check out the video on YouTube by InTheLittleWood Channel. This channel has been subscribed for about 2.03 M subscribers. It focuses on sharing about the game-play of Fortnite. Then, the video has been uploaded on July 4, 2019 with more than 1.3 million views.

By watching the video, you will have a little look on the map. Certainly, there is not really a great amount between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot. So, what you have to do is to line up and land around the area. You will get the wooden shack immediately and find the Fortbyte 18. After that, you have to go all done fantastic. So, you still have opportunity to unlock the singularity skin.

To play Fortnite more fun, definitely you may try to get the challenge. In fact, a new Fortbyte challenge is released every day in season 9. By this, you can unlock the secrets of the island by collecting all Fortbytes and get solving the puzzle behind the Fortbytes.

Of course, in collecting the Fortbytes, you must totally have the advanced skill in order to find the Fortbytes as easy as possible. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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