How to Get Fortnite Dreamflower Skin

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What’s new in Fortnite? If we talk about the newest feature on Fortnite, definitely, it is coming from the Fortnite outfit. Yeah… there is a new gorgeous outfit that can make you so amazed to use it for your character. This outfit exactly makes you falling in love with it. So, what is the name of outfit  and how to get it easily?

Now, the new outfit is out and available on Item Shop. The outfit is DreamFlower skin that can you purchase now. If you just hear this skin right now, of course, it doesn’t matter for you because most of Fortnite players probably just see this skin now. So, the main thing that you have to do now is to buy this skin from Item Shop to make your character more inviting look.

The DreamFlower skin is a part of the Flower Power Set. The Flower Power Set also includes Far Out Man Outfit, Summer Strummer Back Bling, Hip Shakers Back Bling, The Dye- Flyer Glider and the Drumbeat Pickaxe.

This DreamFlower skin has a blonde female avatar that presents a hippie back in the days. The features of this skin are designed with floral image-object, white long sleeve with a brown leather vest paired with a brown leather bandana. The DreamFlower skin is also completed with a pair of sunglasses, a hippie leather necklace and a flower on the hair. That’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

Need to know that DreamFlower skin is taken from the name of the Epic female skin for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This skin automatically changes the appearance of the player. Unfortunately, this skin does not have any benefit or function except for aesthetical only. The DreamFlower is involved as the female version of outfit Far Out Man.

More detail about this skin, this skin was released on September 2, 2018. This skin can be mentioned as the rare skin on Fortnite. Furthermore, this skin came out in Season 5. However, many Fortnite players see closer hat this costume taking us to the 1970s hippie look. The avatar wears Blue jeans with patches, blonde hair with a flower in it, of course it remains us for long time ago.

However, the outfit has been successful in attracting lots of Fortnite players to choose this skin. How come? This skin makes the player so amazed, so it is no wonder if every Fortnite player really wants to have this skin.

Then, how to get Fortnite DreamFlower skin? Certainly, answering this question is definitely simple. Since, this DreamFlower skin is out, of course, you can get it from Item Shop. When in rotation, this skin can be bought for 1,500 v-bucks. This skin also comes with the Hip Shakers Back Bling. Because of this skin so rare, it is so better for you to purchase this skin immediately before sold out.

If this skin is sold out, of course, you have to wait it for unpredictable time. Well, just spending v-bucks for 1,500 surely you will get this skin to make your avatar getting gorgeous look. As your dream, isn’t it?

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