How to Get Fortnite Hippie Skin

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Are you so interested to get the hippie skin for your avatar? Do you know what the hippie skin is? Or as veteran Fortnite player, you probably know for the hippie skin well during playing Fortnite. But, for newcomers of Fortnite, it can be a bit problem at all in which they do not know how to get the skin at all. Well, if you are a newcomer of Fortnite, keep staying on this page is really a best way for you.

Hippie skin can be defined as a kind of Fortnite skin that remains us back to 1960s. In this decade, a person appearance is typically having a long hair and wearing beads with blonde hair completed with floral object at all. Likewise for the Fortnite hippie skin, this outfit presents an avatar who wears the costume looking like for 1960s.

Of course, the Hippie skin can be called as anti-mainstream skin on Fortnite in which Epic Games just release this skin theme for this season. The Hippie skin also attracts many Fortnite players to prefer this than others. By representing the old costume, automatically, the players feel like bringing the memory in many years ago even when they were childhood. So, that’s so normal if many players really scramble to buy this skin due to its rarity.

Epic Games has released two kinds of Hippie skins, they are Far Out Man and Dreamflower skin. Surely the two hippie skins answer the player’s need both of for male and female Fortnite player. We are going to explain the each hippie skin in the below!

  • Hippie Skin – Far Out Man

The first hippie skin is part of FlowerPower Set in which it represents a retro hippie for male avatar. This skin is designed with a blue long sleeve with a pink bandana, a pair of black sunglasses, a brown leather vest and a peace symbol necklace.

By choosing this skin, certainly, you can change the appearance of your avatar, but it does not have any benefit or function. This hippie skin comes just to present the aesthetic factor. To get this Far Out Man skin, you should spend v-buck for about 1,500.

  • Hippie Skin – Dreamflower

The second of hippie skin is called as Dreamflower skin in which the main characteristic of this skin is designed with floral object on the costume. This skin presents a female avatar with long sleeve with a brown leather vest. Besides, the avatar appears with a brown leather bandana binding the head.

This skin also appears with aesthetical factor, not others benefit or function in battle. Just spending 1,500 v-bucks, of course, you already have this gorgeous skin.

How to get Fortnite Hippe Skin?

To get this skin is so simple to do, but the rarity can make your way so hard to get this exotic skin. On Fortnite Hippie skin is involved as the rarity skin. In this case, you can really get the skin if the skin appears in the Item Shop. So, the easy way to get the hippie skin is to purchase the skin soon when it’s available on the Item Shop. Good Luck!!!

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