How to Get Fortnite Time Machine

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What was something cool and gorgeous in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1? However, Fortnite began with Chapter 1 Season 1 in which it presents an epic map different from a new Fortnite map that you will find today. In fact, the old Fortnite map is more interesting to use than new one.

If you are a veteran Fortnite player, you may already know how the old Fortnite map looks like. Is it a more inviting and usable Fortnite map?  Many Fortnite players reportedly preferred the old map than new one. It is because the old map has clear navigation which is really easy-to-use.

In fact, the time machine is a kind of a project which is still progressing under a group of people who are really capable in gaming development. They leak the project of the time machine through their official twitter @FNBRUnreleased. If you want to know who they are, you can also find them on Twitter. Here are they:

  • @uguuNatalie
  • @AthenaBigBoi
  • @notsamiccc
  • @kann3r
  • @pivotman3191
  • @crusherrrz
  • @wiktor1212swag
  • @omairma

They apparently hesitated to launch the project because of some factors either external or internal. Well, if they launch the project, it can be such an illegal project because it is under-licensed from Epic Games.

Moreover, in making the Fortnite time machine project, the creators seem to create the circumstance within Fortnite like apart from Fortnite. We think that the time machine project is not in the Fortnite app, but in another new game app. So, it can be called a replica of Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 2.

Then, if you want to find out how the time machine project which brings the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1 back looks like, of course you can watch many videos from YouTube by typing “Fortnite Time Machine” on the search bar.

Then, do you know how to get a Fortnite time machine?

As we have explained above, the time machine project is still in progress. So, in this case, we cannot give you more information about the ways of how to get it. Due to not many sources that inform about it, we here will give you some tutorial videos from some streamers and YouTube that will show how to use the time machine in Fortnite.

Then, here is a list of tutorial videos from time machine creators that you can watch:

Well, those are some videos that will guide you to bring back Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1 and give unforgettable experience with this gorgeous time machine.

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