How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite Mobile Without Twitch

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As we know that Epic has cooperate with Twitch and Amazon Prime to make a series of exclusive packs. These contain Twitch-themed skins, emotes, weapons, and more. If you have never dabbled in Amazon Prime though, or watched a Twitch stream, so it is able to seem like a rather complicated thing to set up.

By the way, how to get free skins or weapons in Fortnite without Twitch? We are going to inform you that you cannot get free skins without you unlock Twitch Prime items. It means that you think you are able to get free skins in Fortnite without Twitch, it is a big mistake. You only waste your time to search that information. In this article, we are going to try sharing about how to get free skins using Twitch prime. make sure that you are always here.


You need to head over to your Twitch account, then you are able to go to your settings, and please hit the Twitch Prime tab. Next, you are able to follow the instructions given to you. It is essential which you link your Twitch account to your Epic account for completing the redemption process. For note: Simply linking Amazon Prime to your Twitch account will not work. You have to know that a Twitch Prime subscription is free with an Amazon Prime membership. But, an Amazon Prime membership does cost money.


Yes, and when you claimed it, you will be able to glide into a match with your new Twitch Prime rewards. For note: there is no time limit for the new items has been confirmed by Twitch or Epic.

You may often see lots of videos on YouTube claiming that they are able to get you free skins, but they are not true. Here are the only 100% legit skins you are able to get.

  • Twitch Prime Pack

You are able to sign up for a twitch prime pack if you have Amazon Prime.

  • Playstation Plus Subscribers

If you are a PS+ Subscriber, so you are able to get the Playstation Plus Celebration Pack in a United States or United Kingdom store; The skin and glider are white and blue.

  • Battle Pass Items

We know these are not actually free, but you are able to get free skins after playing the game enough.

  • Wingman

If you purchase the Starter Pack, so you are able to get the Wingman skin.

  • Free skins outside of Fortnite

You are able to use apps like Cash4Apps, Ibotta, Swagbucks, etc. to get money for buying V-Bucks.

Here are types of cosmetics you can unlock for free.

  • You are able to get a free Playstation plus skin if you If you are a PS+ Subscriber.
  • If you win a game in a season (solo, squads, duos), so you will get that seasons glider.
  • You are able to get free back bling by completing challenges such as the birthday cake backbling.
  • You are able to get free dances by getting farther into the battle pass.
  • You are able to get V-bucks by getting farther into the battle pass.

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