How to Get Kingsman Umbrella in Fortnite

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Have you ever seen the Kingsman Umbrella in Fortnite? What do you think? Is it awesome? If you want to have it, of course you need to know how to get this thing and where you can find it. Here, we will explain everything about Kingsman Umbrella.

About Kingsman Umbrella

This umbrella is a Legendary melee weapon which was added to Fortnite: Battle Royale in Patch v12.30. You are able to use this to block bullets and negate fall damage from high distances using it as a glider for a small amount of time before you drop again. It can be charged up to dash forward and deal 75 damage to players and 1000 damage to structures. Also, it deals 75 damage to any structures you swing it at.

How to Get The Kingsman Umbrella in Fortnite

If you want to see how other players get the Kingsman Umbrella in the game, you are able to watch the videos on Youtube. Here are some videos that you are able to watch.

  • A video of AFK_BIN entitled How to Get New Kingsman Umbrella In Fortnite! – Kingsman X Fortnite / Kingsman Umbrella Gameplay which was uploaded on March 31st, 2020.
  • A video of RoyaleMishMash entitled How to Get Kingsman Umbrella in Fortnite (Can one get kingsman umbrella in Team Rumble?)! which was uploaded on April 1st, 2020.
  • A video of randomChievos entitled How to Find Kingsman Umbrella and Block Damage (Skye’s Adventure Part 2) which was uploaded on April 7th, 2020.
  • A video of ChillNikov entitled Where to Find The New Kingsman Umbrella in Fortnite? How to Use the New Crash Pads item? which was uploaded on March 31st, 2020.
  • A video of Ali-A entitled *New* Kingsman Umbrella + Crash Pad in Fortnite! (Super OP) which was uploaded on March 31st, 2020.

As you are able to watch in the video that the thing that you have to do to get the Kingsman Umbrella is to open chest. According to the video of RoyaleMishMash, you are able to get the umbrella from floor loots and chests in solo or squad. It seems that you are not able to find it in Team Rumble. You are able to escape fall damage by opening umbrella from up to 6 floors high. It is important for you to know that you have to make sure that you dodge while you are jumping. If you do not dodge, you will get fall damage.

Bulletproof Kingsman umbrella is added to Fortnite and you will have to deflect 200 damage by using one. They are a common drop and you are likely to be able to find them in Henchmen areas such as The Agency or The Yacht. You are able to find Kingsman Umbrella in chests as explained earlier, especially blue ones, though they are able to appear as floor drops in Henchman areas.

So, are you interested in having this thing? You are able to play Fortnite: Battle Royale now and get this Kingsman Umbrella.

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