How to Get My Fortnite Skins Back

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Are you losing your Fortnite skins? If now you are checking your Fortnite account and then you see that you lose your skins, you may be shocked and confused. The things that come to your mind maybe why it can happen and how to fix it. Here, we are going to tell you about it.

It can happen because your console probably disconnect from your Epic account. So, to be able to fix it, you are able to re-connect your console account to your Epic account. To do that, there are four steps including signing in to console account and register you Epic Games account, verifying your email address, disconnecting your console account from the account with no data and link your console account to the Epic account that you want.

How To Sign In To Console Account And Register Your Epic Games Account?

  • You have to access on your PC and make sure you are signed out.
  • Click on Sign In but do not  sign in and then the Your Community Awaits will show.
  • Click the icon for the console that you want to connect to Epic and choose the console that you use to play an Epic game.
  • Now, register your Epic account, complete all of the fields and click on Save Changes.

How To Verify Email Address?

When you register your account, you will get an email and you have to verify it by clicking on Verify Your Email or you can copy and paste the link into your browser to go to the page.

How To Disconnect Your Console Account From The Account With No Data?

If you have verified your email, you are able to disconnect your console account from the Epic Games account that you registered. You can connect your console account to the Epic account which has your data. You can go to your Connected Accounts page and then click on Disconnect under the console account that you have to disconnect.

How to Link Your Console Account To the Epic Account That You Want?

If you have disconnected the console, you can reconnect your console account to the Epic account that has your data. Here are the steps for it.

  • You have to choose your display name in the menu bar and then in the drop down, you need to click on Sign Out.
  • Now, you need to stay in the Epic Games site and then click on Sign In.
  • You have to select the sign in option for the console you just disconnect and Sign In. Then, you will be brought to a screen where you will see “Link to an Existing Account”.
  • Here, you must choose Link To An Existing Account.
  • Sign In by using the Email and Password of the Epic account that you want to link to your console.

Now, your registered Epic account is re-connected to your console and the next time you play, you will be able to see all of your skins and items that you have bought and the progress.

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