How to Get Recon Expert for Free

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Recon Expert is a female skin in Fortnite game. Do you like this skin and you want to get this skin? Well, if you want to get this skin, you can buy it. But, is it possible to get it free? Let’s find out the answer!

In Fortnite, Recon Expert is a female skin and the rarity of this skin is Rare. This skin was released on October 30th, 2017 and it could be bought for 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop. Currently, this skin is one of the rarest skins in the game and has not been back in the shop in more than a year.

The look of this skin is very simple since it is plain. It comes with a grayish hat and pants. Also, it has a white tank top with a grayish green star decor used in the military. Even though this skin is very simple, it is being sought after for its rarity. When it was available in the Item Shop, it is very brief period and at that time Fortnite was not very popular. The last seen of this skin was on November 12th, 2017 and this skin is female. If you want to see how this skin in the gameplay, you are able to watch some videos about it such as:

  • Recon Expert Duo Full in Season 11 (Chapter 2) uploaded by Samzyy.
  • I spent a Day using Recon Expert in Fortnite uploaded by Pinky.
  • Cleanest Recon Expert Plays uploaded by Comikazie.
  • How to Get The Recon Expert For Free in Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite || Fortnite Season 11 Free Skins uploaded by Elusive.

Is it possible to get this skin for free in Fortnite? Well, you need to buy it in the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. It means that you need to have at least 1,200 V-Bucks and if you do not have enough V-Bucks, you can collect your V-Bucks first to reach the exact number.

However, there are some glitches which are introduced by some Youtuber. Some of videos about it are:

  • How to Get The Recon Expert For Free in Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite || Fortnite Season 11 Free Skins uploaded by Elusive.
  • Free Fortnite Skins || Recon Expert Free – How to Get Free Fortnite Skins uploaded by lolloromano90.
  • Do This To Get Recon Expert Skin Free in Fortnite uploaded by TheMonkyzTv.

In these videos, they claim that they are able to get free Rekon Expert by using generator. The site are and In this video, they show that you have to choose the skin that you want and then enter your username and also your platform. Then, click on Generate. Then, there will be Human Verification where you have to download apps.

However, even though some people recommend this way, it is better for you to avoid Skin Generator since it may be a scam. The legal ways to buy skins and other Fortnite stuff is only via Items Shop and some other ways which are mentioned by Epic Games or Fortnite. If they have never mention Generator as a place to get it, it means it is illegal.

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