How to Get Renegade Emote in Fortnite

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TikTok Renegade Dance Now!!!
How fun the dance is!!!
Yeah, how to get in Fortnite?

As a veteran Fortnite player, you may not be strange anymore with any emote dances added to Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games regularly added any popular dances which are trending today in real life to be a purchasable emote in Fortnite. So, this is such smart marketing at all.

Even though, the popular emotes added to Fortnite is always welcomed gratefully by almost all Fortnite players. Definitely, emote dance in Fortnite totally presents something fun that makes the players entertained with it. So, it’s no wonder if every Fortnite player at least has one emote or even more in their locker.

Then, is there a popular dance which is trending in real life today?

Talking about dance, of course, it is a fun and amused thing that can be used as a way to drive out of stress. Nowadays, to do any dance, you don’t have to bother looking for it. Why? If you want to dance, you just open the most popular social platform right now, known as TikTok.

TikTok or well-known as Douyin is a video-sharing social networking service from Chinese owned by ByteDance. Moreover, TikTok comes to give a space especially for any dancers to show their dances on this platform.

The popularity of TikTok evidently leads Epic Games to add any dances to Fortnite. Whenever there are some popular dances which are trending now, Epic Games suddenly release the dance to be emote to Fortnite.

Now, Epic Games officially released one of the trending dances from TikTok, that’s Renegade. The Renegade dance comes from Jalaiah as an original creator of Renegade dance. Then, at the beginning, this popular TikTok dance was popularized by TikTok star, Charlie D’Amelio who has over 72 million followers on this platform.

If you want to know more about Jalaiah, you can see her profile on Twitter @jalaiah or via TikTok @jalaiahharmon.

After the Renegade emote dance released in Fortnite, of course, it does not need longer time to get popular. However, most Fortnite players are really excited to have a new gorgeous and popular emote dance in Fortnite.

Then, how to get Renegade emote dance in Fortnite?

The Renegade emote was officially released on July 17, 2020 and was available 26 days ago. The price of this emote is for 500 V-Bucks. This Renegade emote is categorized as a rare emote in Fortnite. So, this emote will appear when it is in diary rotation, then, it also will disappear soon without knowing when it will return to Item Shop.

Then, if you are really interested to have this popular Fortnite emote, of course, you do not have to bother for this. In fact, The Renegade emote dance can be obtained by making a purchase from Item shop when it is available. You can pay it with V-Bucks that we have mentioned above for its price.

That’s an easy way to do it, isn’t it? So, it is your turn to prepare your V-Bucks to make a purchase for it.

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