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A Fortnite’s tweet was posted on December 10, 2020 at 9:00AM showed the three Fortnite characters which sang the song together by holding the song lyric’s book in their hands. harmonizing the songs with the squad and getting the Fortnite emote named Sing Along in the Fortnite item shop was what the Fortnite tweeted.

They currently revealed that the Sing Along Emote will be available in the Items shop. So they players can get this emote by purchasing it from the item shop with V-Bucks. Then, what does the Sing Along Emote look like and how to get it?

Getting the Sing Along Emote, Here’s How!

Some of the Fortnite emotes can be obtained by completing the challenge first. But, most of them are available in the Item Shop which was released directly by Epic Games. So as with Sing Along Emote, this Fortnite emote can be obtained by purchasing an item shop with V-Bucks.

Getting the Sing Along Emote

In fact, the Sing Along Emote is recently proving popular among the players. That’s because the Sing Along emote is such a holiday spirit which matches with the upcoming Christmas’s Day and New Year Holiday. In other words, the Sing Along emote is a holiday-festive vibes.

Of course, it doesn’t wonder if a lot of Fortnite players are really enthusiastic to get this joyful emote in Fortnite. Since its release on December 10, 2020, the Sing Along emote has gotten an overwhelming response from Fortnite fans. They think that the Sing Along emote is a gorgeous emote to accompany this year’s holiday.

If you are interested in getting the Sing Along emote in Fortnite, you definitely should buy it from the item shop when it hits back to Fortnite. When the Sing Along emote returns back to Fortnite, please grab it as soon as possible as it will disappear soon without knowing when it will hit back to the item shop.

Before you go on purchasing the Sing Along emote, you’ll be better to know more for the facts of this emote. So here they are:

  • The Sing Along emote was released on December 10th, 2020.
  • The Sing Along emote was last Seen on December 13th, 2020.
  • The Sing Along emote was available for 4 days ago.
  • The Sing Along emote is an Uncommon Fortnite emote.
  • The Sing Along is a type of Fortnite Emote cosmetic.
  • The Sing Along emote costs 200 V-Bucks.
  • The Sing Along emote is available in the Fortnite Item Shop.
  • The ID of the Sing Along Emote is EID_SingAlong

Once the Sing Along emote  released in the item shop, this emote really has the positive response with the amount of high votes. According to the, the Sing Along emote has about 67% bought with 7 votes. The occurrence of the Sing Along emote is 4 times. That’s such a great achievement for Fortnite cosmetic which has just been released, isn’t it?

Well, buying the Sing Along emote which makes it available in the Fortnite Emote Wheel is a must for you. With 200 V-Bucks, you definitely will have a chance to get the gorgeous and appealing Fortnite emote.

To convince you to make a purchase from an item shop to buy the Sing Along emote, we also show you the list of sale history. Here you go!

Date Days Ago Price
December 13th, 2020 4 200 V-Bucks
December 12th, 2020 5 200 V-Bucks
December 11th, 2020 6 200 V-Bucks
December 10th, 2020 7 200 V-Bucks

After you see the list above, we hope that you’ll decide to make this emote as your Fortnite emote collection in the Fortnite emote wheel.

How to Use the Sing Along Emote in Fortnite?

We guarantee that as a Fortnite player, you will be amazed with the Fortnite emotes which can be a mood-booster for all players. Why? However, emote is one of funniest cosmetic items in Fortnite which allows the players to use it when they’re confronting a circumstance in front of them.

The emote in Fortnite is generally used to make celebration when the players get something, win the battle or even successfully complete any Fortnite challenges. Indeed, the players will take an emote from Fortnite emote wheel to pick an emote dance when they’re in a fortunate situation.

Because the Sing Along emote describes the Christmas carolling, of course it is not surprising that this emote will work great with multiple players to use it at once. You may already see on the videos how the Sing Along works, may not you?

The Sing Along emote actually produces festive-sounding, non-denominational choir singing which does not matter how many people are using it. Well, if a group of the players performs this emote at the same time, it automatically will sound like a group of carollers.

Additionally, the more players which join in with this Sing Along emote, well the more nuanced and complex resulting carol will sound. However, it gives numerous incentives for the squad to all purchase the Emote to use it to its full effect.

Why Is the Sing Along Emote Wildly  Popular?

As we have mentioned, the Sing Along emote has wildly become popular since its release. In case the Sing Along is rapidly popular among the Fortnite players, that’s no strange anymore for veteran Fortnite players as Epic Games will always regularly release any cosmetic items to Fortnite in accordance with the happening which happens in the real world. Then, they put it in the Fortnite.

This Song Along emote rapidly became popular as it coincides with the holiday’s vibes at the end of this year, not much longer the Christmas day and Year-end holidays will be coming soon. We think that it’s a clear reason why the Sing Along is popular today especially among those who are getting into the holiday spirit.

Even though the long-term availability of the Sing Along emote is not yet clear, it is predicted to still be popular even after Christmas has passed. It cannot be denied that a lot of Fortnite fans will really like to look at their avatars singing and enjoying the Sing Along emote out of this pandemic circumstance.

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