How to Get Smiley Face for Fortnite

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You may wonder how to put a smiley face symbol in your Fortnite name. Whereas Epic Games, as Fortnite developers do not suggest to put any symbols, signs and emojis in Fortnite username. But still many Fortnite players really want to add a smiley face in their Fortnite name.

How to get a smiley face for Fortnite?

Certainly, to get a smiley face which is good for a Fortnite name is really easy to do. Well, the main thing that you have to keep in mind when you want to put smiley face emoji in the Fortnite name is to find a copyable smiley face emoji. In this case, you must focus on finding the smiley face emoji that you can copy at all. Without copyable smiley face emoji, of course, you do not hope to get it easily.

Then, to get copyable smiley face emoji, you can totally open your browser whatever browser you are using. Then, you type “copyable smiley face emoji” on the address bar. Wait it for a few minutes until the page is open. Of course, you can see many results of smiley face emoji. But, in this case, you have to focus on finding copyable smiley face emoji.

But, you do not have to worry because most emojis from the internet can be copied easily. So, after you find it, copy it. Hold it on for a moment.

How to add smiley face emoji to Fortnite name?

Then, on another browser tab, you need to visit Epic Games page at On this page, you will find your Epic Games account that shows your personal detail.

Then, you need to find General Settings that can result in your account info. After you get account info, you need to click the PEN icon on the left of your account name. Type your Fortnite name and paste the smiley face emoji that you have copied on any sources. You surely can put the smiley face emoji in whichever you like. But, most Fortnite players use the smiley face at the end of their name.

Well, to get and add the smiley face to your Fortnite name is so simple, isn’t it?

If you still need a guide of how to get a smiley face for Fortnite, you can also watch the tutorial video to get the ways in detail. Here is a list of recommended videos:

How about you? Are you really interested to put the smiley face emoji for your Fortnite name? Do it now!!!

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