How to Get the Apple Skin in Fortnite

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Apple skin no becomes the most trending topic in Fortnite. Why? Indeed, this skin can be mentioned as an uncommon and anti-mainstream skin ever. Because of the uniqueness, the Apple skin is definitely much sought after by many Fortnite players.

Then, what makes the Apple skin really worthy to have?

However, the Apple skin is different from the other Fortnite skins. Why the Apple skin is released to Fortnite because of some issues within Epic Games. As a Fortnite fan, you may already know what the issue that now happens to Epic Games.

Well, a dispute between Epic Games and Apple is totally a reason why Apple skin will be available in Fortnite soon. The Apple skin comes to Fortnite as a mockery of Apple corporation. But, to get the Apple skin, you cannot buy it as the other skins in Fortnite can.

If you really want to have the Apple skin, of course you should participate in a Fornite tournament called Free Fortnite Cup. Well, when you participate and get minimum points as the rules of Epic Games, you surely will have a chance to get the skin.

The Apple skin in Fortnite is also well-known as Tart Tycoon skin. This skin comes with male visual with an apple-headed which is depicted with an evil expression. The Tart Tycoon skin hopefully will be available in Fortnite item shop so that the players who cannot participate in the tournament will have a chance to get this unique skin.

How to Get the Apple Skin in Fortnite?

As we have explained above that to get the Apple skin, you must participate in the Free Fortnite Cup. But, it apparently is not enough because you need to reach minimum points in the tournament.

Well, to obtain this skin, a participant only needs to get 10 points. Players will get 10 points every time, they succeed in winning and get a Victory Royale. Participants will also get one point every time, then, they successfully eliminate another player.

Not only that, the players will get one point if they can survive three minutes. That way, we can be sure that almost all Free Fortnite Cup participants will get the Tart Tycoon skin. So, as long as you score 10 points, you totally will receive the Tart Tycoon skin.

We can conclude that in addition to teasing Apple, apparently, Epic is also holding a Free Fortnite Cup to win over gamers’ hearts. However, it is not known whether public opinion will be able to help Epic win their case in court against Apple and Google.

We guess that if you cannot participate in the Free Fortnite Cup, you may be worried about not getting a chance to have this skin. But, please you do not worry because the Tart Tycoon skin will be available soon within three weeks after 23rd August 2020.

Well, the main thing that you need to do is just to wait for the Tart Tycoon skin or Apple skin to come to the Fortnite Item Shop immediately. Stay tuned!!!

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