How to Get the Arcana Glider for Free: Unvaulting Event Rewards for Volcano Eruption

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Arcana Glider has been successful to attract every player dreaming of this awesome item. How come? This item will complete your weapon more fascinating at all. By glider, definitely, you will be able to break down anything in front of your face. So, how to get Arcana Glider for free?

According to Fortnite Wiki, Arcana is the name of glider which is available in the Battle Royale. This gorgeous item can be purchased on Item Shop from 3rd May to 4th May. Need to know that the cost of Arcana Glider is 1,200 v-bucks that you can buy in the Item Shop. It is so reliable cost, isn’t it? But, if you are allowed to get it for free, don’t you be happy?

The good news is the Arcana Glider also can be got from Unvaulting Event. Then, what is the unvaulting event? If we talk about Unvaulting Event, automatically you will be directed into a live event that shows the players jumping into a portal within the game and transported to the vault. The vault also accommodates the six pillars presenting the vaulted item. The goal in this event is to make the players breaking the pillars down, thus giving a vote for the items that they want to be added back to the game. Unfortunately, not most Fortnite player participates with this event.

The Unvaulting Event took place during Week 10 of Season 8 on May 4, 2019 at 3.00 P.M. For more detail, this event consisted of the hatch at Loot Lake opening, releasing a gateway to the vault. Then, the hatch teleport every player to a large and barren dimension with a giant nexus, a desk and 6 pillars that contain one vaulted item each.

Those items in the pillar were Infinity Blade, Drum Gun, X-4 Storming, Grappler, Bouncer and the Tactical Submachine Gun. In this case, the player will choose the weapons that they would be taken out of the vault using the harvesting tool to break the pillars until the one shattered. If it has been broken, the players are able to free the weapon from the vault.

Then, how to get Arcana Glider through this Unvaulting Event? To get a chance in receiving the Arcana Glider in this event, definitely it is an easy way to do. As the Fortnite announced that the player who jumped into the Unvaulting event will be given the Arcana Glider in coming days. Then, the player who has purchased the Arcana Glider previously will be refunded the item with v-bucks.

Certainly, the Arcana glider will not be coming offhanded, but the player who has followed the Unvaulting event should be claimed the Arcana as soon as possible. To claim the Arcana Glider, the player should have been signed into the Unvaulting playlist where it was live. If the players have claimed the Arcana Glider, of course, they have to wait in which the Fortnite will deliver it for you.

Well, it is your time to follow the Unvaulting Event that has promised to give you the Arcana Glider for free. It is so gorgeous, isn’t it?

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