How to Get the Batman Skin in Fortnite for Free

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Thanks to a spot of datamining, the players of Fortnite now know about the upcoming crossover even coming to the titanic multiplayer battle royale game of Epic Games. The event called Fortnite x Batman Welcome to Gotham should begin soon and offer players a range of cosmetic profile and character customization items allowing them to celebrate their fandom about the iconic Caped Crusader. A question is sure to be on the mind of everyone, however, how to get the Batman skin in Fortnite?

Even though there is a popular event character skin and plenty of gadgetry of Batman has leaked as being useable in the game, the sad news is that a legit Dark Knight costume has not currently been confirmed.

You are definitely able to come close to the authentic Batman experience even without an official Fortnitte Batman skin, though. By completing some different numbers of event challenges, that include tasks such as dealing 500 damage to enemies in just a single match, scoring two eliminations with suppressed weapons, completing a lap of the in game race track, and many more. Players are able to unlock numerous items relating to the most beloved character of DC Comics.

All the methods to get the Batman skin in Fortnite mentioned above are free. If you find some generators or some people who claim to give you this kind of skin for free, do not trust theme easily. It has been known that most of generators are scam and can put your Fortnite account into a danger. Before something bad happens, you are recommended to avoid this kind of thing and just focus on something that has been approved by the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games. Epic Games is the first one that you need to believe before anything else.

What exactly happens for grabs? Currently, popular event items include everything from the relatively mundane, like profile banners, although to a character skin and perhaps most excitingly a number of won crimefighting accessories of Batman. All of them include his Grapnel Gun, that a lot of players will have already put to good use in the Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series, which is Fortnite similarly allows the players to pull themselves towards a place before deploying the cape and the gliding of Batman to the location that they want.

The former doubles up as a reveal for the Bat Cape in game Glider. Meanwhile, another interesting addition is the Explosive Batarang. This one is said to home in on players, although it is able to also be put to more strategic use as a makeshift proximity min, sticking to the surface it strikes and exploding when an opponent player gets too close.

You are able to see all of the Fortnite x Batman challenges and the relevant rewards on the official Twitter account of Lucas7yoshi. It is better for you to follow the account so you can get the constant update from that account.

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