How to Get the Black Knight for Free in Fortnite

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Do you already know the way to get the Black Knight for free in Fortnite? If you have known, of course, you are lucky. But, for newcomers of Fortnite, it is so impossible that they understand well about this way. Certainly, they will look for the information about this. So, in this chance, we will give you those ways as well. So, stay tune!

What is Black Knight? If we are talking about Black Knight, certainly our brain will be directed into one of the Fortnite skins that use for male-outfits for the game of Battle Royale. It can be mentioned that the outfit is the one worn by odious scourge of Wailing Woods. This Black Knight skin is the one of most sought-after outfit for the game. This kind of outfit resembles an armored knight in jet-black and complete with a black helm, black pants and black vest. This is the part of the Fort Knights Set.

Then, how to get the Black Knight for free in Fortnite? Of course, to get this gorgeous outfit, you have to do something. Need to know that this outfit is a premium Tier 70 Battle Pass reward for Season 2 of the game. To get this Black Knight outfit, you need to purchase first the Battle Pass Season 2 in the Cash Shop and level it up to level 70. Cash Shop is official Fortnite shop that provides tons of items shop for featured and daily items.

However, This Black Knight Costume is the final reward of the Season 2 Battle Pass. The point is that the way to get this Black knight Outfit is by buying it from Item Shop in Battle Pass Season 2. Unfortunately, this costume is no longer obtainable and not expected to return. So, you have to consider when you determine to purchase this outfit. By purchasing this outfit, you really have to need this one.

Due to get this Black Knight Outfit must be spent your money, of course, this lead some Fortnite player to create the glitch to get this outfit for free. They created some codes or script in order to get this Black Knight for free. Unfortunately, most of Fortnite players who have tried the glitch-way, they claimed that the way is totally not working at all. So, we can conclude that the glitch-way is totally scam and just click-bait.

Certainly, it can be a parameter in which the unfair way is not good for you and will not workable. However, by doing the fair and suggested way is better for you to avoid unwanted thing. We will emphasize that if you really desire to have this Black Knight, you should have enough v-bucks to purchase this.

As we know that the Black Knight costume will be charged with 950 v-bucks. But, the Black Knight skin will be unlocked after you reach level 70. So, if you are in the lower level now, you have to be patient to wait the item unlocked.

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