How to Get the Chic Skin in Fortnite

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Are you ready to get awesome skin by completing the challenge? What is the kind of skin that you will get? If you really do not know for the skin, definitely following a kind of challenge can be a must for you. However, the kind of skin can make your avatar more gorgeous and inviting look at all.

Ok… The released skin by Epic Games is called a Chic Skin. Chic skin was released as a new overtime challenge after Remedy Vs. Toxic, 8-Ball Vs. Scratch and Rippley Vs. sludge. And overtime challenge has been released for the Cameo Vs. Chic and now available to complete. Then, this new challenge offers you to get a chance in obtaining the gorgeous skin, that’s gold chic skin.

Chic skin is also famous with the gold skin or yellow chic skin. In this Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 of the Battle Pass, you can get a chance to obtain the Yellow Chic Style. This is the fourth new style that you can earn in Overtime challenges for Season 11. While getting the yellow chic skin, you will also get glider, back-bling and pickaxe.

The yellow chic skin can be called as a part of the Fortnite Season 11 Overtime challenges. This challenge has been released on January 30th, 2020. On how to complete this challenge, we recommend you to learn the guide challenges to make you easier. In this case, you will get the chic skin as a reward after reaching level 80.

Here are the yellow chic challenges:

  • Catching an Item

The first guide, you need to catch an item by using a Fishing Rod at different location, No fishing signs at all.

  • Consume any Food

In completing the challenge, you will need to eat three different foods, they are a mushroom, an apple and a slurproom.

  • Searching a Rare chest

Supply Llama and Rare Chest are completely random guide that you have to follow. You just need to run into the while playing the game.

  • Giving an Elimination

This is a simple one guide that allows you to head to one the named location and give some eliminations for it.

  • Catching Fish

In this challenge, you can go to all of the locations, then travel across to the map. Then, catching the fish at Lazy Lake, Lake Canoe and Flopper Pond.

  • Visiting Some Places

You will not pass the challenges before visiting a radio station, an outdoor movie theater and lonely recliner.

  • Getting an Elimination

Why this is so nice and awesome challenges in which you can get an elimination with all three of these weapons, they are Shotgun, a Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle.

  • Destroying Some Objects

In this case, you can find various areas and destroy some objects such as a television, a telephone pole and a telescope.

  • Searching the Hidden Gnome

In this case, you can grab the third one hidden gnome which are found in a race track, a cabbage patch and a farm sign.

  • Dancing at the Top Mount

The last guide challenge, you need to dance at the top of mount H7, Mount F8 and Mount Kay.

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