How to Get the Galaxy Skin Free on Any Device (Rarest Skin Unlocked Free)

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Have you ever heard about Galaxy skin? You may have heard about it but you do not really know how it is and how to get it. If you want to try to get it or you only want to know about this skin, it is better for you to read this article until the end.

Before we inform you how to get this skin, it is better for you to know how this skin is including the rarity, the look, and many more. Galaxy is an Epic skin in Fortnite and this skin is from the Galaxy set. This skin is one of the more unique skins and it depicts a male that has been apparently consumed by the universe as he is displaying galaxies, stars, and planets all over his body. Also, he has what appears to be small orbs of light orbiting around his head. Usually, an Epic skin comes with a back bling but for this skin, there is not back bling.

To be able to have this skin, it seems that you need to have a Samsung device. In the site of Samsung exactly in the FAQ page, it is explain that if you want to be eligible to get a Fortnite Galaxy skin, you need to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab S4. How if we buy the other Samsung devices? Are we still eligible to get this Epic skin? No, if you want to have the Galaxy skin, you have to buy a Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4.

If you want to have this skin, of course you need to have Samsung or Epic Galaxy Games account to be able to redeem this Galaxy skin. Then, you have to download Fortnite on your Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 from Galaxy Apps. After you installed it, then you have to log in and then play three matches on your Note 9 or Tab S4 device. Then, you have to tap the ‘Return to Lobby’ button after being eliminated or winning a match. If you have done the three matches, now you have to permit 24 – 48 hours to get a gift box in Fortnite with your Galaxy Skin. Now, you have to tap the gift box to open and then you can use your Galaxy skin

Is it possible to get the Galaxy skin in any devices other than Samsung? According to some sources including Samsung site and, for now it seems that the only way to get this skin is by purchasing the Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4.

If you search it on Youtube, you are able to find that people on Youtube claim that they can get the Galaxy skin in their device without having to buy Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4. It means that they claim that they can get this skin in any device that they have. Well, you are able to try their ways if you want. But, you have to make sure that the ways that you do is legal. Some of the videos show you how to get this skin through Generator. It not recommended for you get skin through generators because it can be a scam. So, be careful when you want to get Fortnite stuff and it is recommended for you to get it through the legal ways as explained by Epic Games.

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