How to Get the Harley Quinn Skin, Styles, and Pickaxes in Fortnite

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You are on this page to look for the information about how to get the some awesome items on Fortnite? What are those awesome items? Then, if you are looking for the information about it, definitely we kindly will share it for you. Hopefully, you will be helped with our article. So, don’t leave this before you get the answer!

Recently, Epic Games has extended the partnership with DC and Warner Brothers. The goal of Partnership is to promote the new movie, that’s Birds of Prey. What is it? If you are movie lover, you probably are not strange with this term. Indeed, the character appears in the popular movie: Batman: The Animated Series. Harley Quinn is a fictional character in DC Comics Batman in which this character appears in The Batman Adventures.

Harley Quinn is appearing in the style of jester. In some comics, she waas represented by wearing a black domino mask, white facial makeup with one piece black and red motley outfit with a cowl. She is not permanently white in the animated series, showing the Harley Quinn costume with a normal skin complexion. She is also imagined that has blue eyes and blonde hair. She typically used high-heeled shoes, white lab coat, glasses and a short skirt. From costume and her character, definitely she is different from Joker as many people think.

From the partnership, the Harley Quinn has become the central and most inviting character in Fortnite. However, she has an adorable and good skin to be used as one of Fortnite character skin. For that reason, Epic Games choose the Harley Quinn character to enliven the female Fortnite character. As we know that Harley Quinn is selectable style and fabulous-rare skin.

Now, the Harley Quinn was available on Fortnite after Epic Games announced for this formerly. This will include all of cosmetics in a bundle. You will get a chance to have the Harley Quinn outfit, Punchline Pickaxes and Harley Hitter with unlockable style for the skin.

Definitely, the outfit will come with three challenges that you need to complete to unlock the ‘Always Fantabulous Harley’ variant. Here are the challenges:

  • Hit Weak Points (0/100)
  • Place top 30: in Solo, Duos, or Squad. Then, top 20, then, top 10 (0/3)
  • Deal damage using the Pickaxes (0/100)

It seems difficult when you are going to hit weak points. One of the new bugs in this challenge generally causes the weak points to fail registration.

Then, how to get the Harley Quinn Skin and style? Of course, you can get the Harley Quinn skin and style easily. However, you have to spend your money to get this item. The Harley Quinn in a bundle will be available in the Item Shop until February 17. Officially, the Birds of Prey will open on February 7. So, it is a good time for you to get the adorable Harley Quinn Skin and style.

Well, do not forget to get Harley Quinn pickaxes. However, it is such an important thing that you must have if you desire to play this character.

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