How to Get the Hulk Smashers in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Wondering about a new and strong pickaxe in Fortnite is not totally wrong for you. Indeed, in Fortnite, you will be drawn to explore many items which are really useful for Fortnite battle. Now, what is the new pickaxe which was recently released in Fortnite?

Of course, as veteran Fortnite player, you probably will be following for any updates from Epic Games. In fact, Epic Games regularly will release for any updates including the patch notes and items within Fortnite. What makes the players waiting for updates is because Epic Games always offers unpredictable things that make the players in shock.

Well, this August, Epic Games made a breakthrough which was planned beforehand. What is it?

This month, Epic Games has announced the latest and influential Superhero tie-up in the form of an exclusive Avengers-themed, called Hulk Pickaxe. On the other hand, the Hulk Pickaxe is well-known as The Hulk Smasher Pickaxe which is a Fortnite exclusive item for Xbox One and PS4 users.

As we know that Epic Games has made a partnership with any film industry including Marvel. So, it is no wonder if Epic Games suddenly released one of popular Marvel heroes with pickaxe. This Hulk Smasher is definitely available in a Hulkbuster variant.

After this Hulk Smasher pickaxe was released, do you know how to get this?

Of course, to get this Hulk Smasher pickaxe in Fortnite, you need to pay attention to any important rules. The main thing that you have to complete if you want to get this pickaxe is to ensure that you have the three HARM Challenges on either Xbox One or PS4. So, for you who use PC, Nintendo and Android, you totally will not have a chance to get this pickaxe.

Well, here is a list of rules that you need to identify for download on both Xbox One and PS4:

August 7-9: PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Beta

  • Marvel Avengers PlayStation 4 pre-order players only

August 14-16: PlayStation 4 Open Beta

August 14-16: Xbox One Pre-Order Beta

  • Marvel Avengers Xbox One pre-order players only

August 21-23: Open Beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Step-by-Step to use the Hulk Smasher Pickaxe

Then, to get the Hulk Smasher pickaxe, at least you can follow these steps as follow:

  • Step 1: You have to play Fortnite on Xbox One and PS4, the version of the Marvel’s Avengers beta.
  • Step 2: In this step, you need to unlock and complete the three HARM challenges rooms in the Avengers beta.
  • Step 3: You must have your Epic Games account linked to your Xbox Live account or PSN.

Those are the steps that you can do to get and use the Hulk Smasher pickaxe in Fortnite.

Furthermore, to complete the steps above, make sure that your console account is linked with Epic Games account. Then, you also must connect it to a Square Enix account. If it is not, please do not hope to get the Hulk Smasher pickaxe easily.

Of course, to do it, you can totally visit the Square Enix site. Then, click the Login button. If you do not have an account, you can sign up first. After you create an account on this site, now, you can load the Square Enix account where you can click on the Link accounts button to link to Epic Games account.

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