How to Get the Throwback Pickaxe in Fortnite Early (OG Default Pickaxe)

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Getting a limited-time reward as a kindness of Epic Games is such a no-missed chance that you don’t skip. In Season 4, you will be rewarded a Throwback Pickaxe as OG default. This Pickaxe is a flashback to the Fortnite Chapter 1. Now, the Throwback Axe comes back in Chapter 2 Season 4 to enliven the atmosphere of Fortnite island.

Then, you may want to know how to get the Throwback Pickaxe. However, this Pickaxe can be obtained by different ways as many Pickaxes do. Let’s find out the ways how to get it below!

How to Get the Throwback Pickaxe (OG Default Pickaxe)

Throwback Pickaxe is included as the limited-time offers harvesting tool that you can get starting from November 4, 2020 until January 15, 2021. In other words, you surely have to grab it as soon as possible. Do you already know how to get the Throwback Pickaxe?

If yet, you don’t have to worry, in this post, we’re going to guide you how to get the Throwback Pickaxe easily. At least, there are two primary ways that you can take to get the Throwback Pickaxe, they are through PlayStation Store and through Fortnite Item Shop.

Why through PlayStation Store? Considering that the Throwback Pickaxe comes to Fortnite along with the launch of PlayStation 5. So, it does not wonder if anyone who wants to get this pickaxe should visit the PlayStation Store to claim the reward.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of Fortnite players wondering whether they could get the free Throwback pickaxe or not even if they’re not a PlayStation user. The good news , any users of all platforms will have a chance to claim the Throwback Pickaxe.

Here’s how to get the Throwback Pickaxe through both methods as we’ve mentioned!

Method 1: From Fortnite Item Shop

claim the Throwback pickaxe through the Fortnite Item Shop.

If you are not a PlayStation user, you surely can claim the Throwback pickaxe through the Fortnite Item Shop. Of course, the Throwback pickaxe will be available in the claim reward section.

To get it from the Fortnite item shop, you just simply get a Fortnite app on your device. Then, go to the Item Shop to see the available claimed section. After that, go to the Items Acquired. Here, you will see the Throwback pickaxe available. You just click on the Claim button under and then the Throwback pickaxe will be yours seen in your locker.

Method 2: From PlayStation Store

From PlayStation Store

The second method here is especially devoted to PlayStation users in which you have to enter your PlayStation account. While, if you are not a PlayStation user, you have no the Playstation account, are you?

  • To claim the Throwback pickaxe through PlayStation Store, you surely can visit the official site at
  • After you are at the page of PlayStation Store, you will see the Fortnite Throwback Axe available for free.
  • The next way, you just simply click on the orange Pre-Order button to start making purchases.
  • Once you click it, you will be directed into the page which requires you to sign in to PlayStation with one of your Sony accounts.
  • Fill the Sign-In ID (or Email Address) if you already have a PlayStation account. While if you have no account yet, you can create a new account first to claim the Throwback Pickaxe.
  • After you log into the PlayStation account, you can continue following step-by-step until you successfully obtain the Throwback Pickaxe.

Congratulations! You now already have the Throwback Pickaxe and use it for any purposes.

The two methods above are a kind of answer for many people who wonder how to claim the Throwback pickaxe. After you read them, you surely will get an enlightenment to ease you getting the Throwback Pickaxe.

Still need more guides? If you feel that our method above cannot help you in getting the Throwback Pickaxe, don’t hesitate to try watching some tutorial videos from YouTube. Here is the recommended videos which hopefully guide you to claim the Throwback Pickaxe:

  • A video from Im NickArg entitled How to get OG DEFAULT PICKAXE EARLY in Fortnite! (FREE Season 1 Throwback Axe), you can watch here.
  • A video from ItsRyan entitled How To Get FREE THROWBACK AXE Pickaxe EARLY in Fortnite! (OG Default Pickaxe), you can watch here.
  • A video from AFK_BIN entitled How to Unlock the OG Pickaxe for FREE! – Fortnite Throwback Axe Pickaxe Showcase, you can watch here. .
  • A video from Tabor Hill entitled How To Get The FREE Default OG Pickaxe! (Epic Games Is Giving Everyone A Free “Throwback” Pickaxe!), you can watch here.
  • A video from SinX6 entitled How to get The OG Default Pickaxe EARLY for FREE..! Fortnite Battle Royale, you can watch it here. .

Well, those are some helpful  tutorial YouTube videos that can guide you to get the Throwback Pickaxe.

Throwback Pickaxe Support for…

Well, the Throwback Pickaxe supports all platforms, except iOS. So say sorry for iOS users, you definitely cannot claim the Throwback Pickaxe either through Fortnite Item Shop or even through the PlayStation Store. The Throwback Pickaxe supports PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and also Android devices as long as the users keep any requirements which it’s offered.

The major requirement here is to make sure that you already know how to get it by pre-order purchasing from the two methods above. Even though it allows you to purchase from the shop, you need to know that the Throwback Pickaxe is pretty for free. So you do not need to spend your real currency or V-Bucks to get this Throwback Pickaxe.

Throwback Pickaxe! What is it and how does it work?

That’s so normal if you do not know yet what the Throwback Pickaxe even means you come to Fortnite in the latest season. However, the Throwback Pickaxe is a pickaxe which has been released at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 1. In other words, Fortnite Throwback Pickaxe is the OG default harvesting tool which appeared at the start of the fortnite launch.

Throwback Axe is an Uncommon Harvesting Tool in Fortnite Battle Royale which is available by purchasing it from the PlayStation Store or Fortnite Item Shop starting from November 4, 2020 and January 15, 2012. It means that you still have time to get it for five months ahead. So grab the Throwback Pickaxe as soon as possible.

Here’s the information of Throwback Axe

  • Type: Harvesting Tool
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Unlocked: Item Shop or Playstation Store
  • Release Date: On November 4, 2020.
  • End Date: On January 15, 2021
  • Cost: Free

How does the Throwback Pickaxe work? Pickaxe is involved as a Fortnite Harvesting Tool which can be used for gathering any resources in Fortnite. Besides, using the Pickaxe as a weapon is no doubt anymore. However, It will be dealing 20 damage per hit. But, the pickaxe is better used as the Harvesting Tool to collect any Fortnite resources. Moreover, in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1, the Harvesting Tools had a new look as well as gliders.

So as with Throwback Pickaxe OG default as you ever seen in Chapter 1, the player can use the Throwback Axe to gain any resources with it. Apart from gaining the resources, it also functions as a last resort weapon that can deal 20 damage if you need. This Axe used to do 11 damage in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1. It changed to 10 in Season 2 and 20 damage in Season 6.

Why does Epic Games offer the Throwback Pickaxe for the players?

The launching of the PS5 is all tied into Fortnite next generation upgrade for PS5. It definitely brings a higher quality resolution and frame rate along with faster loading times with more dynamic physics.

As the hottest battle royale game in the world, Epis Games surely has breakthrough to up-to-date information technology. So, it leads Epic Game in making the original Fortnite Throwback Pickaxe available on the PlayStation Store. Here, Epic Games also want to give the reward for the players for their loyalty by bringing back some OG items.

Is it possible to get the Fortnite default skins again?

Apart from getting the Throwback pickaxe from the PlayStation Store and Item Shop, you are able to claim the Fortnite default skin. But many Fortnite players still doubt whether it is possible to get the Fortnite default skin back or not.

Although there is no yet an official announcement confirmed by Epic Games, the original default skin of Fortnite seemingly will also return back. But it was proven by a Twitter user who responded to the news of the Throwback pickaxe with hopes one day the Fortnite original default will return too after the Throwback pickaxe. Then, the official Fortnite account on Twitter just simply replied “soon” with the side-eye emoji.

Well, many Fortnite fans hope that the Fortnite default skin will be released as soon as possible to enliven the atmosphere of Fortnite island.

Other Fortnite Uncommon Pickaxes

You may wonder about the other uncommon pickaxe that you want to have. Here, we have a list of top 10 Fortnite uncommon pickaxe:

1. Aero Pickaxe

Aero Pickaxe

Aero Axe is an Uncommon Harvesting Tool as part of the Sky Stalker set. This axe was released on September 10, 2019 and last available 422 days ago. You can buy this axe from the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks. Aero Axe was first added to the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 10.

2. Angular Axe

Angular Axe

The second best of Fortnite pickaxe is Angular Axe. This Fortnite axe is a part of the COunterattack set which was released on March 3, 2019 and was last available 612 days ago. You can spend about 500 V-Bucks to get the Angular Axe. This pickaxe has been added in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6.

3. Armature Pickaxe

Armature Pickaxe

As the Tech Ops set, you definitely can get the Armature pickaxe by spending about 500 V-Bucks. This pickaxe was released on January 25, 2019 and was last available  617 days ago. The Armature pickaxe has been added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 7.

4. Ave Axe

Ave Axe

Ave Axe is involved as an uncommon Fortnite pickaxe that you can get by purchasing it for 500 V-Bucks. This Fortnite pickaxe was released on October 8, 2019 and was last available 289 days ago. The Ave Axe has been added to the game in Chapter 1 Season 10.

5. Axcordion  Axe

Axcordion  Axe

The Axcordion axe comes with a cool looking pickaxe which is a combination of a sharpened axe and the traditional Swiss instrument, that’s accordion. Moreover, this gorgeous harvesting tool is attached to a pole which serves as the axe’s handle. This pickaxe was released on September 28, 2019 and was last available 15 days ago. If you really want to have this pickaxe, you definitely can make a purchase by spending about 500 V-Bucks.

Types of Harvesting Tools In Fortnite

You may also want to know the kinds of harvesting tools in Fortnite. However, there are five types of Harvesting Tool that you will find in Fortnite. Here they are:

  • Limited Time Offers Harvesting Tool

The type of limited time offer harvesting tool is associated with any kind of exclusive pickaxe which allows you to buy it using the real currency as you have.

  • Item Shop Harvesting Tools

This type of harvesting tools can be gained by buying it from Fortnite Item Shop by using V-Bucks. At least,  there are some pickaxes which are included as Item Shop Harvesting Tool, they are Astral Axe, Bitemark, Bottom Feeder, Branch Basher, Candy Axe and many more.

  • Promotional Harvesting Tools

The promotional harvesting tools are associated with the gaming platform. This kind of pickaxe generally comes along with the launch of the next-generation. Here, we can take an example of the Throwback Pickaxe which came along with the launch of PS5. Generally, the platform here includes Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation

  • Battle Pass Harvesting Tool

Of course, there are a ton of the Harvesting Tool which are included as Battle Pass Harvesting Tool. The Battle Pass here was starting from Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 10 to Fortnite Chapter. It means that to get the Battle Pass harvesting tool you surely have to make a purchase of battle pass from Item Shop which usually costs 950 V-Bucks.

  • Unreleased Harvesting Tools

Unreleased Harvesting Tools are still leaked but there is already information from Fortnite data miners even though there is no official confirmation from Epic Games. This harvesting tool is recently available to the public of Fortnite.

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