How to Get White Scientist Fortnite

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The end of Season 10 is near but you do not have to be sad because before the end of the season there is still time to be able to get the secret white Scientist skin. To be able to get this skin, you will have to take some works.

White Scientist skin can be gained by completing Meteoric Rise challenges. The challenges are as listed below.

  • You have to be able to consume four different Glitched Foraged items.
  • You have to be able to destroy 10 structures with Junk Rifts.
  • You must eliminate 7 opponents in Rift Zones.
  • You need to find 20 Chests or ammo boxes in Rift Zones.
  • You have to touch a glowing cube, get into the Rift above Loot Lake, and then find a landing pod within a meteor three times.
  • You must visit three different Rift Zones in the similar match.

If you have completed all of these challenges, you will again access to the Scientist skin and you are halfway. There is a next step that you have to do. You have to be able to find the six hidden visitor tapes around the game world. The tapes can be found in these places:

  • Floating Island in the trunk of a truck beside the house.
  • Gotham City outside the theater in the street.
  • Greasy Grove inside the taco restaurant.
  • Moisty Palms on the roof of the tallest building.
  • Starry Suburbs on the bed inside one of the buildings.
  • Retail Row in the bookstore.

After you successfully collect all, there is one more step before you are able to get the White Scientist skin. The final step is that you have to spawn into the game wearing the Scientist skin. You have to go to Dusty Depot and then go to warehouse with the rocket on top. Then, you have to go inside to the console and then interact with the button. Then, the black color on the Scientist skin will fade to white.

For your information, The Scientist skin is a skin in Fortnite which is from the Seven set. This skin is a Legendary skin. This skin is also considered as the mystery skin for season 10 of the Battle Pass. If you wish to be able to get the white style of this skin, you must be able to complete the challenges above.

If you need a guide to get a white style of The Scientist skin, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube such as:

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