How to Improve Fortnite Aim on Xbox

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In the game of Fortnite, the aim is to be able to kill everyone. So, no wonder why in this game, aim is very crucial and you need to improve it. In this article, we are going to tell you some tips that you are able to follow to improve Fortnite aim on any devices including on Xbox.

We get this tips from some sources and we hope that it can help you to improve Fortnite Aim. So, here are the tips to improve Fortnite Aim.

  • Set the setting to the low sensitivity. If you want to improve your aim, you have to start with a low sensitivity. To set this, you have to navigate to Settings in the main menu drop down which is in the upper right corner. Then, you have to look for the Scoped Multiplier option under the Game tab. After that, you have to adjust it lower than the average and then hit Apply button which can be found at the bottom right of the screen to save the changes.

  • Improve accuracy to make shots count. You may know that aiming depends on how much you are able to improve your accuracy and it is the ability of player to land shots successfully. So, you need to know your weapon. It is because different weapons and bullet types can affect the accuracy of player. You need to find the basics of your weapons whether it is hitscan or projectile; short, mid, or long-range and some more things that you need to know.
  • Predict the movement of your enemy. You have to be able to measure the movements of your enemy and align your shot where you think they will be heading. Projectiles weapons such as Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher rely on predicting the position of your enemy. You are able to position your crosshairs in the direction your enemy is running. Set your crosshairs in front of them and then shoot when they cross your sights.
  • Understand the combat situation. There are a lot of different combat chances. In the situation such as running through a house or infiltrating a fort, pulling out a shotgun is smarter than just running in with a rifle out. In the 1v1 situations, you can jump around to make it more difficult for your enemy to hit you or you are able to stand still and try landing your shots to eliminate your opponent.
  • Pay attention to sounds by using headphones.¬†Using headphone while playing Fortnite Battle Royale is the best thing since you will be able to pay attention to the ¬†sound around you closely. You will be able to hear if someone near you, above you or even below you. So, use headphone for your advantage.

Well, those are 5 tips that we are able to share to you about how to be able to improve aim of Fortnite. You can try to apply the tips so that you can play better in the Fortnite game.

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