How to Level Up Tiers Fast Fortnite

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Fortnite Experience points or Fortnite XP is known as the kind of progression in Fortnite. You can get enough XP to level up, which every level giving you Battle Starts. The thing named XP is also used to unlock additional styles for particular skins, such as Ragnarok and Drift.

Although playing matches is the main method of gaining XP, the way you play, and additional considerations such as the Battle Pass, means some ways of getting XP to level up fast is easier compared to the others.

There are two kinds of progression in Fortnite. The first one is XP levels and the second one is Battle Pass Tiers. Even though the Battle Pass dictates when you unlock things, XP will help you to progress through the Battle Pass faster. Once again, getting enough Xp will level up up, which each level giving you Battle Starts (normally two per level, or give each five levels). The main way to get XP is from playing matches. In short, your performance dictates how much XP you gain.

There are some Fortnite XP sources. The first one is First kill (50 XP), the second one is Additional skills (20 XP (capped at 100 XP, so only six kills total reward XP), the third one is Survival (17 XP per minute after the first circle shows up (capped at 14 minutes, or 238 XP)), the fourth one is Top 20 placement (25 XP), the fifth one is Top 10 placement (100 XP), and the sixth one is Victory Royale (1st place) (300 XP). Basically, the longer you last, and the more enemies you kill, the more XP you will gain in a match.

There are two notes about gaining XP throughout a season. The first one is the XP requirements to each the next level are not linear, with every level requiring more XP than the last. For those who are interested in how it jumps, XP charts such as those created by plotak on Reddit are able to help. The second one is XP progress is tied to the certain season. Once the next one rolls around, it resets. That being said, the Drift and Ragnarok style unlocks persist between seasons, so if you can unlock Ragnarok at Tier 100, you do not need to race to get the styles before the season getting is close.

In addition, there is an Account Level that will help you to track your total XP for as long as you have been playing the game. This one is not used for anything, that Epic Games is tracking this means it could be useful one day.

Your current XP multiplier are also noted on the Profile screen, one of many ways you are able to ge extra XP easily. In order to get easy XP in Fortnite, you can also consider some things such as last longer in matches, buy the Battle Pass, play with friends, complete challenges both daily and weekly, and play during a Double XP event.

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