How to Link Epic Account to Xbox

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For everyone who plays Fortnite on your Xbox console, it is a good idea to link your Epic Games account to Xbox account. It will allow you to merge existing accounts and share new gadgets, seasons, skins, unlocked content and purchases across platforms.

There are two options to link your Epic Games account to your Xbox account. The one that you choose depends on where you started playing the game called Fortnite. Before connecting these two accounts, you need to make sure pop ups are enabled on your computer.

The first option is connecting game progress on Xbox to Epic Games account. If you have an existing game on your Xbox console but you have not created an Epic Games account online, the first thing that should be done is to go to the official website of Epic Games and click Sign In. Please choose Yes when the site asks you whether your play Fortnite. Then, choose the icon of Xbox and a pop up window will ask you to sign in to your Xbox account. When it is done, fill out the Epic Games from that shows up. The next thing that should be done is to validate the account through the email address that you have provided and the progress you have made on the Xbox will now be connected to your Epic Games account.

The second option is connecting game progress on Epic Games account to Xbox console. If you have an Epic Games account for PC, iPhone or Android and want to connect your existing game progress to an Xbox console, you need to go to the official website of Epic Games and sign in to your account. Then, hover over the display name, and press Account. In the next step, click on Connected Account and choose Connect that can be found under the icon of Xbox. When there is something popping up, you have to click Link Your Account. By doing so, another pop up will appear. It is where you will sign in with your Xbox account and confirm the connection.

You are allowed to link Epic Games across multiple platforms and consoles through an Epic Games account. Some of the platforms include Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Twitch, and Github. You can use the same process explained above and choosing the appropriate platform or console when prompted. It will allow you to share the game progress, upgrades, stats, and loot across all platforms through an account.

If you have a plan to link your Epic Games account to Twitch, here are the steps that should be done. First, head over Fortnite page on Twitch. Second, login to the Amazon account if prompted. Third, choose Link Twitch Account. Fourth, choose Confirm or log in to your Twitch account. Fifth, head to Fortnite page on Twitch again. Sixth, choose Claim Loot. Seventh, login to the Epic Games account. Both accounts, Twitch and Epic Games, are now successfully linked.

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