How to Open (Access) Radeon Settings

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As long as you are on Fortnite, do you ever think what system that supports you in playing a game? However, the system is really an important thing in a game. Without favorable system, definitely, every gamer cannot run a game as great as possible. So, we can emphasize that the gaming system should be optimal. Then, how to open Radeon setting as the optimal system on Fortnite?

You probably do not know yet what the Radeon setting is. Indeed, it is so normal because just few players understand about this. Radeon Settings is an additional setting that allows the users to adjust the image quality and also the level of detain in games. However, this setting can make the visual screen higher and get the better performance. Then, it can achieve an optimal gaming experience that needs a balancing both of visual quality and performance.

In fact, for most of Fortnite users, the default setting will offer the best mix of visual quality and also performance, it is measured in frames per second (FPS). More about Radeon Setting, this was retired in Radeon Software Crismon ReLive Edition 17.7.2. This Radeon Setting supports for AMD Eyefinity, Color Depth, Switchable Graphics, Power and Pixel Format. So, it is no wonder if the Radeon Settings provide the sharply visual performance.

Then, how to access Radeon Settings on your device? Of course, there are some steps that you have to follow in the text below!

Step 1: Open the AMD – RadeonTM Settings Application by right click on your desktop. Then, select AMD Radeon Settings.

Step 2: After that, click on the Radeon Settings icon in the System Tray.

Step 3: Choose AMD Radeon Settings from the Programs menu.

Step 4: On Radeon Additional Settings button, click it to access Radeon settings.

Step 5: If the Radeon Settings are available for your specific hardware configuration, then it automatically will load. But, if there are no driver settings, the pop-up will show to inform you that Radeon Additional Settings can be started.

Step 6: If you can access the Radeon Settings, there will be a menu that open in separate window.

After you already know how to access the Radeon Settings, it is better for you to understand the Radeon options that display on the menu. They are:

Presets: This provides a quick access to different graphics driver features. It can be restored at a later date and time at all.

AMD Eyefinity: This enables two or more displays to be joined to work together as a single desktop.

My Digital Flat-Panels: This can configure the different properties of your digital display including HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort.

Switchable Graphics: This is available on computer completed with an integrated and discrete graphics card and will allow delegating graphic responsibilities to a specific GPU.

Power: This will manage the power efficiency of your laptop graphics processors to allow the longer battery life, higher performance, or balance of the two.

  • PowerPlayTM Vari-BrightTM: This allows adjusting the brightness to select between power efficiency and image quality. Then, you can use the slider to choose the option you prefer and then click on Apply to save the settings.
  • AMD Start Now Technology: This allows you to choose between a more responsive system when resuming from sleep mode or better battery life.

Those are the information about Radeon Additional Settings that can be more optimal for Fortnite users.

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