How to Play Fortnite on HP Laptop

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This article teaches you how to set up and play Fortnite on HP laptop. There are some HP laptops that you can use to play Fortnite. Here is the list of some decent ones.

  1. HP 15 touchscreen 15.6 inch laptop

This one has an Intel Pentium, N5000 Processor. Aside from that, it also has a DVD drive and a touchscreen, making it great low cost travel companion. You might think that you do not need a touchscreen, until you have one, and then it is legit hard to go back. Playing the game called Fortnite might be a stretch, even at the lowest possible settings, but the thing will run plenty of the other low impact games.

  1. Hp Pavilion X360 15.6 inch touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop

This 2 in 1 laptop takes two nice products, smash them together, and made something greater than the sum of its parts. The table of it is perfect for surfing, reading, or watching streaming video, and then you are able to switch to laptop mode to go on Twitter and easily complain about the Netflix movie you just watched.

  1. HP 15 da0032wm 15.6 inch laptop

This one is packing an Intel Core i3-8130U processor, 4GB SDRAM memory, 16GB IntelOptane memory, 1 TB hard drive, and a DVD drive.

  1. HP 15.6 inch Realtree Xtra Camo laptop

People think that duck hunting is a good way to spend a morning, especially if you live for the flavor of the wild game. The issue is, most laptops are flat colored, meaning ducks are able to spot them from a mile away. This HP laptop is different. You are able to cruise the web for the most delicious duck recipes while you set in wait.

After getting one of the HP laptops, it is time for you to play Fortnite. To play Fortnite on HP laptop, there are two stages that you need to follow. The stage one is to download and setting up. In order to download and setting up, the first thing that you have to do is to download and install Fortnite. Then, open it. The next thing that you have to do is to set an account. After that, choose a game option. The last step that you have to do is to select Play. This one is at the bottom of the page. Then, you need to wait for the game to load.

The stage two is to play Fortnite. There are some steps for you to follow. First, understand the premise of Fortnite. Second, familiarize yourself with basic Fortnite conventions. Third, avoid the storm. Fourth, try playing conservatively at first. Fifth, jump to Titled Towers. Sixth, acquire a weapon as soon as possible. Seventh,  use resources to build shelter as needed. Eighth, keep your back to the water. Ninth, communicate with your team if necessary. Tenth, evaluate enemies before engaging them. Eleventh, look for enemies in common hiding spots. Twelfth, keep playing.

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