How to Play Fortnite Split-Screen Multiplayer

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With the latest update of Fortnite, you are able to now play the game in split-screen multiplayer mode. This thing will give you and your friend a chance to dominate the other players from just one television. The one catch is that you are able to only do so on two of the support systems of the game.

Split-screen mode in Fortnite, that was released as part of the version 11.30 update of teh game, is enabled on Xbox One and PS4. On the other words, players enjoying the game on the other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile, and so on will not be able to make use of the new split-screen capabilities.

In the past, if you wanted to play the duos or squads mode with a friend, you would have to do it on separate consoles, each player owning a copy of the game. Now, you are able to share the screen as your work together to take down your foes.

Apparently, the split-screen multiplayer on the game named Fortnite does not fill the entire screen, and when playing split-screen, you will see black bars on both the bottom and top screen, and you might also have a lower than the optimal frame rate.

How do you use the feature? If you want to okay split-screen mode, first of all, you have to be playing either the duos or squads mode for battle royale. Once you have connected two controllers, you will see the option for the second player to log in by holding down a button on the controller. After doing that, you are good to go.

For those who are playing in solo mode, you cannot use it. This thing makes a fair amount of sense, as you could otherwise “screen peek” at your friend and eliminate them in Fortnite, earning the extra kills and getting the unfair benefit compared to the other players.

The feature of split-screen multiplayer is still in the early stages, so it is possible that it could have some bugs and it could get tweaked or added to the other platforms over time. the developer of Fortnite named Epic Games requested that players use the feedback tool of the game in order to help improve future iterations.

Aside from the split-screen multiplayer, the other changes in the Fortnite’s latest update are relatively small quality-of-life fixes, but they are welcome nonetheless. All of them include the new ammunition indicator that uses numbers, the option to preview items on the mobile device in the shop, and the increase in the item gifting limit to five, up from three.

The popularity of Fortnite has continued throughout 2019 thanks to the big part to continued improvements and special events. There will be a special event called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker kicked off this weekend, and everyone is sure that there will be at least a little bit of news on the game at The Game Awards ceremony.

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