How to Play Fortnite Tournament with Unverified Account

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Do you want to play Fortnite tournament but you do not have a verified account? There is a video on Youtube about the method to play Fortnite tournament with unverified account. This one was posted by Gamer Guy on February 7, 2020. Since the first time it release, it has gained 414 views and 38 likes.

According to Gamer Guy, the first thing that you have to do to play Fortnite tournament with unverified account is to go to Personal page. Then, right click and choose Inspect. The next thing that you have to do is to reduce the size to the lowest. You are also need to go to model number and click Edit. There, find and select Laptop with touch. Head back to the previous step and select laptop with touch. Now you just need to inspect this thing by right clicking and selecting Inspect. In the Elements, find the recent link and cut it. It will turn into a button.

You need to reset the link that you just typed. Please type “Play Tournament” and press Enter. Then, you need to swipe and select Style. In the Filter, type 2 FA and there will be something seen. It is like a column with some numbers. Please change it to 60 x 40. Next, move your cursor to the right side and click the plus icon. After that close that button or icon and back to the first one. In the Personal page, you will be able to see Play Tournament button. Please watch the video on Youtube for details explanation.

If it is hard for you to play Fortnite tournament with unverified account, you might want to create your own tournament. A site named Toornament will makes your wish come true. Here is everything that you need to know to create a Fortnite tournament.

Stage one is creating Fortnite tournament. From the Organizer dashboard, you are able to create a new tournament and choose Fortnite as discipline. If this one is your first tournament, you may want to read the starter guide on how to create your first tournament first.

Stage two is configuring your match format. The first step that you have to do is to determine the ruleset you are going to use in your tournament by going to Settings > Match. Apparently, the Fixed Games (Advanced) format has been tailored for Battle Royale games such as Format, and it will be the one chosen by default. Moreover, this one is already all set up to allow you to start right away. In case you are not sure about the way the Advanced Settings work, you need to leave the options and checkboxes as is, and only change the points values to your liking.

Stage three is creating a FFA stage. The rest of the stages are opening your registrations, publishing and promoting your tournament, validating and placing your participants, entering the match results and getting creative with API.

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