How to Play Monopoly Fortnite (Game Instructions)

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Do you want to take a breath from Fortnite without out of Fortnite? What is the option that you take? Then, do you ever hear the Monopoly Fortnite during playing it? As a newcomer of Fornite, you probably do not know yet that Fortnite launched the Monopoly to give the player an option. Even though, you can choose it if you are little bit bored on Fortnite. So, how to play Monopoly Fortnite?

Monopoly Fortnite is similar as the game of monopoly as usual. But, it may have a little different from usual monopoly that you ever play. In monopoly Fortnite, it does not talk about what you own, but it is about how long you can survive in this game. Even if you can claim the most locations that you stepped, you still absolutely have to be the last player standing to win. Is the monopoly Fortnite so hard to play?

If you think that monopoly Fortnite is really hard, automatically you will not want to try playing this. But, you need to know that this is such a choice for you to take a breath from Fortnite. We guess that you are ever bored with Fortnite. That’s a reason for you to choose the monopoly Fortnite as an option.


Here are the components of monopoly Fortnite:

  • 1 Gameboard
  • 16 Locations Cards
  • 16 Loot Chest Cards
  • 8 Wall Cards
  • 27 Cardboard outfits with Pawn stands
  • 15 Storm Cards
  • 2 Numbered Dice
  • 110 Health Points Chips
  • 1 Action Die (with labels)

How to Play Monopoly Fortnite?

This section is so important for you who really want to play monopoly Fortnite. By learning about the instruction of monopoly Fortnite, of course, at least you will understand how to play it. Here are the instructions:

  • Opening

Step 1: Punch out the each outfit and put it in a plastic stand.

Step 2: Punch out the each of the wall cards and fold them, so they can stand up.

Step 3: Punch out the each of the HP chips.

Step 4: Then, apply one label to each side of the action die in any arrangement.

  • Setup

Step 1: Put the HP chips inside the reach of all players.

Step 2: Shuffle the loot chest and Storm cards separately and put them facedown.

Step 3: Put the locations cards next to the matching board spaces. But, if you do not have room, you can keep them as a stack and select someone to be in charge of them.

Step 4: For each player will start the monopoly game with 15 HP

Step 5: Then, the each player will be allowed to choose an outfit, then, rolls the numbered die. The highest roller will have a first option of where they will start the game and put their character on the space. Then, the character placement will move to the left. On your first turn, you do not perform the action of your starting space as well.

  • The Game Play

If it is your turn:

Step 1: Roll both dice and follow in any order:

  • Move the character forward the number of spaces rolled.
  • Execute the action on your action die.

Step 2: If you landed on or passed Go at the end of your turn, you have to flip over the Storm card. Definitely, the eye of the Storm is shrinking at all.

Now, it is your turn to play the game of monopoly Fortnite. Hopefully, you will enjoy it!

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