How to Play Music in Cars Fortnite

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Listening to any favorite music while traveling around by driving a car is so much fun, isn’t it? However, you can boost your mood by listening to some songs at all even if you drive a car. Now, you can totally listen to in-game music while playing Fortnite. So, how come?

The impossible things totally can happen in Fortnite. That’s why Fortnite has become the most trending games in the world. Featured with awesome things within the game, it definitely leads Fortnite to be a favorite game around gamers.

One unpredictable thing which already happens in Fortnite is to play music in-game. In fact, the Fortnite players are really amazed and shocked at once when Epic Games officially released the new great feature to Fortnite. Then, what is the great Fortnite feature?

The great feature added to Fortnite is radio available in Fortnite cars. It means that you can use the radio cars to play music and listen to some music available within the radio stations. In this case, you can choose some songs available in certain radio stations.

As we know recently that there are four radio stations in Fortnite that you can listen to. They are Party Royale, Beat Box, Radio Yonder and Power Play. Of course, each radio station provides different songs to listen to. So, it is better for you to know the songs in each radio station.

How to Play Music in Cars Fortnite

Then, do you already know how to play music in radio cars in Fortnite?

Mostly, there are Fortnite players who do not know yet how to play music through radio cars. Even though it is a simple way that you can do easily.

Step 1: Get a Fortnite car

First, make sure that you already get a car in Fortnite. Need to know that cars finally come in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. You can definitely find Fortnite cars in many locations around the island. To get the car, you honestly do not have to look far. You just should be running around to find one.

Step 2: Enter to the Car

After you get a Fortnite car, it is time for you to enter. You can press “E” to enter it. After you get inside, you will see a speedometer on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Find the Cars’ control

Before you can play music in radio cars, the first thing that you need to do is to find the car’s control. Indeed, you can find the radio on the cars’ control at all. Then, the car’s controls are located at the bottom left.

Step 4: Start to Play Music on Radio

After you find the car’s control, the radio will automatically pop up at the bottom left of the car . Then, you can grab it and find the radio stations where you want to listen to your favorites songs.

Finally, you can enjoy listening to the music on radio cars. Make sure to choose a radio station that will give you a list of your favorite music. Enjoy the music!!!

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