How to REMOVE INPUT Delay, Lag and FPS Drops in Fortnite Chapter 2 – (PS4, Xbox, PC)

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Do you ever get lag or FPS drop when playing Fortnite? Then, you cannot kill your enemy because of this issue, can you? If so, you are certainly annoyed with it. But, you are not alone because most Fortnite players also ever get this annoying issue.

Then, why does this issue often happen to Fortnite?

Although the issues have different causes from every player but many players think that the game lagging and FPS drop is seemingly on internet connection. Evidently, the internet connection issue is one of the causes that make the game lag. It means that there are still many factors which make Fortnite getting delayed, lag even FPS drop. What are the causes?

Certainly, to make your Fortnite game run smoothly without any lags or other issues, you certainly have to remove any issues first. Of course, it is really important for you to know what the causes are and how to remove those issues easily. Well, please read carefully our information below!

How to Remove Input Delay, Lags and FPS Drops in Fortnite

The ways that we will inform you about removing any lags, input delay and FPS drops, it generally works for all devices including PC, Xbox One, and PS4. How to remove those issues? At least we have any solutions that probably can help you to fix it. Here they are:

Fortnite Settings

You totally can remove any lags in Fortnite by adjusting your Fortnite settings. The first tip is to change the settings in the game first to see if the changes are still lagging or not.

  • The first is on video settings which allow you to change Auto-Detect to Epic. Besides, you can also change the video settings from medium to low or vice versa.
  • The second is on your server setting. Of course, Ping will influence whether your smartphone causes lag or not. In this case, you can choose the region with low ping at all.
  • The third is still on game settings. The Turbo Building and Vibration will totally make your game lagging. So, it is better for you to turn it off.
  • The last is on sound settings. The Voice chat needs a lot of data which automatically makes Fortnite getting lags. You will be better to use Push To Talk than Voice Chat if you want to talk to in-game friends.

Check Your Internet Speed

After Fortnite settings, it is the main problem which often happens to almost all players. Sometimes, Fortnite lags will be caused by internet connection in low-speed. So, make sure that you check it before.

Clear Cache

When a lot of “junk” files are piled up and unused on your smartphone, it will make the Fortnite Mobile application slower than before. So, cleaning it is better for you.

Using App Cleaner

Using App Cleaner applications will make it easier for you to clean up cache or storage that has accumulated on your smartphone. Only by using the Junk Cleaner feature, you can delete unnecessary data and files very quickly and efficiently.

Restart Fortnite

Closing the Fortnite Mobile application for a moment, as well as other applications can also reduce lag. Moreover, restarting the smartphone can also remove the cache so that your smartphone is back in prime condition.

Install the latest Fortnite patch

To remove your FPS drops, you can install a latest Fortnite patch, it is possible that the recent patch will solve this issue well.

Of course, there are many causes which make your Fortnite getting lags, input delay and FPS drops. But we just can explain some for you. If your trouble cannot be fixed, probably you have to look for another way at all.

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