How to Remove (Turn Off) Parental Controls on Fortnite

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Fortnite offers a range of parental controls that can help parents who have children playing Fortnite to control what the child can see and do within the Fortnite game. As the addition to the controls within Fortnite, there are some additional controls that parents can set at the platform level, including controls available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.

Parental controls is good for parents as it help alot. On the other hands, it can be a thing that the children hate. If you are a child who think parental controls is too much, fortunately, you are able to remove or turn off parental controls. How to remove or turn off parental controls on Fortnite?

  1. Filter Mature Language

In Fortnite Battle Royale, players are able to text chat with friends in their squad when in the lobby. In Fortnite Save the World mode, players are able to text with friends in the lobby, and with any other players in the private or public match. This option will let the parents to filter the mature language in the chat, both that you send and receive from the others. If your parent set it ON to make the mature language in the text chat filtered and replaced with heart symbols, then you can set if OFF to make the mature language can appear in the text chat.

  1. Hide Your Name From Non-Squad Member

During a match, the names of the players who have been eliminated will appear on the screen. This kind of setting allow the parents to replace the name with “Player” in these messages for everyone who is not in your squad. You are able to set it OFF to make the players that are not in your squad will able to see your account name.

  1. Voice chat

When partying with friends or when teamed up with some random players during a match, a voice chat channel becomes available. The setting can control whether or not the account is able to hear and talk in that voice chat channel. If your parent set it OFF so you cannot hear or talk to your teammates, you can set it ON by switching the button. Feel free to talk to your teammates and hear what they calk using a microphone.

  1. Text chat

This one is similar as the voice chat. You can set it ON to send and receive text chat messages with your teammates if your parents set it OFF.

  1. Weekly playtime reports

The thing called weekly playtime reports is an additional service that is able to  be generated and sent to the email associated with the account. Your parents might set it ON so they will receive a weekly report to their email address associated with the account. If you do not want your parents to get a weekly report, all that you have to do is to set it OFF and no reports will be sent.

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