How to Reset Edit in Fortnite PS4

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Editing is one of important Fortnite skills to master. A good edit play is able to turn a fight around completely, get you out of awkward situations, or help you pick up easy eliminations.

So, we are able to say that being able to edit quickly and confidently is important in competitive Fortnite. It is going to greatly improve your overall gameplay. But, it has always been hard for the players of controller than the players of keyboard and mouse in this aspect of the game. We get information that the players like FaZeSway, and Yoyyosi have already proven that it is definitely possible to pull off insanely fast edits with a controller, and here we have some tips to speed up your own controller edits.


One of the most frequently asked questions by the players of controller hoping to improve their editing skills is, “What binds should I use?” Unfortunately, there is no single right answer to this. You have to note that the optimal controller binds to edit depend on a number of factors.

However, there are some key points that you have to remember. Firstly, there is no a fact that all of the top controller editors play good either using a custom controller with the paddles or with a claw grip. Both of these ways allow you to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks once you are editing, while using other fingers for completing the process quicker. For some controller players, this is not an easy option. The controllers are able to be very expensive, and using claw grip is not recommended since it is able to lead to injury in the hand.


Now, you are able to try upping your edit sensitivity as it is a really simple way to speed up your editing. As with all the sensitivity settings, it is best to increase it gradually. When you are used to a higher sensitivity, so you are going to feel how much quicker and easier it is to select multiple tiles to edit. But you do not force yourself to play on a sensitivity that you struggle with, because this is only will lead to inconsistent edits and will instead slow you down. Now, more and more the players of controller who are starting to turn on the setting and crediting it with creating their edits smoother and more consistent.


Probably the most effective method to improve your editing speed is by spending several time in an edit course before every session. As with any other skill, the practice courses makes perfect. By repeating the same actions over and over, it is going to build up muscle memory and allow you to be faster and more consistent. If you spend only 10 – 30 minutes at the beginning of each session doing this, soon you are going to notice a difference. This means that when it comes to high pressure in the game situations, so you will not panic and choke your edit.

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