How to Ride a Shark in Fortnite

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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games launched Season 3 and loot sharks are a hot trend right now as players discover that they are able to jump quite far out of the water, are able to break builds very easily, and they are responsible for a big number of eliminations so far this season.

As given away by the name, loot sharks provide you with loot once they have been killed. The look varies, but as it takes some time and risk to take them out, you need to see some weapons and items of Epic and Legendary for them. In the trailer for Fortnite Season 3, you are able to see one of the characters riding a shark and if you are not sure how to ride it in the Fortnite Season 3, here is how.

Riding a shark in the game called Fortnite is pretty easy. However, it will attack you if you approach it directly. So, you will need to get a fishing rod or pole in your inventory. Then, act as if you are trying to catch the shark, just like you would for a flooper. Once the shark latches on, you will automatically be given some jet skis and a rope to hold on the animal and you will be going for a ride right away.

The next thing that you have to do is to throw a line out towards the shark, and it should eventually biye. Once it happens, you will hop on a pair of jet skis and you are able to fully control the shark. While the shark may not sound like a practical vehicle to ride around, it is able to actually get you around the map much quicker than you would expect. This thing will also allow you to move the sharks to any places where you are required to complete challenges pertaining to the fish. One of the challenges needs you to loot the Sharks at Sweaty Sands. This one may sound a bit confusing, however, all that you have to do is to damage the sharks by attacking them. Please keep in mind that eliminating a shark will not be easy as they have a lot of strength.

Actually, you do not need to accurately cast the fishing rod in front of the shark. You are able to ride the shark even though it is quite far from where he placed it. Aside from that, you are also allowed to change the color of the loot shark you are riding by directing them to eat different colored loot.

Getting a shark in Fortnite can be more hard compared to riding one. In order to find a shark, you will have to drive around in a boat until you finally spot one. You will also get the option to get this animal out of the water and ride it on the land. However, it will not ride quite as well while out of water.

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