How to Safely Buy a Fortnite Account

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In some websites or forums, you may often see people try to sell their Fortnite account. And even they claim that in the account that they sell, there are some precious skins. But, is it safe to buy a Fortnite account? If it is not safe, then how to safely buy a Fortnite account?

Well, the fact is that selling and buying Fortnite account is prohibited. You are able to see the rule in the Terms of Service and also in the License Agreement in the Epic Games site. In the Fortnite End User License Agreement page in Epic Games site exactly in the License Conditions, it is stated that you may not do or try to do the several things with respect to the Software or any of its parts such as using it commercially or for a promotional aim except as Epic expressly authorizes about it; copying, distributing, displaying, reproducing, or using it in a way that is not expressly authorized in this agreement; selling, leasing, distributing, licensing, renting, or otherwise transferring it; reversing engineer, deriving source from, adapting, modifying, decompiling, translating, or disassembling it or making derivative works based on it and many more. You are able to see the complete statements in the Epic Games site.

In addition, in the Terms of Service in Epic Games, it is also stated that you may only access Fortnite through your own account. People who do not own their accounts, and gifting or otherwise transferring of accounts or access keys is forbidden.

From  the statements of Epic Games above, we can see that selling account is one of the things which is prohibited in Fortnite. So, make sure that you obey this rule and do not try to break it. You may be interested in buying an account because in the account which is sold, it is claimed that there are rare skins from certain season of Fortnite which now cannot be gained anymore. You may really want to buy the account due to the rare skin. But once again, it is better for you not to buy it. Even we never know whether the seller is real or scam.

Besides prohibited by Epic Games, buying and selling Fortnite account can make you banned by Epic Games or get other punishments from Epic Games. So, never risk yourself to buy Fortnite account just for getting certain skins or any other reasons.

A Fortnite player gives some tips if you want to buy Fortnite account safely.

  • You have to log into the account first before you pay it.
  • Check the account to make sure it is as advertised.
  • Send about 50% of the money.
  • Then, the seller will give you full email access.
  • You are able to change the password to the email and account.
  • Now, you can send the rest of the money.

However, once again, even though there is a safe way to buy Fortnite account, never ever try to buy or sell Fortnite account since this action is prohibited by Epic Games, there is a risk for you to be banned and maybe the seller is a scam.

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